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The Concept of Conscience: A Philosophical Educational Perspective

Auther : Hani A. Faraj

The concept of conscience is a multi-facet one. It combines the past and the present, theory and practice, intuition and sensing, individuality and grouping, analysis and synthesis. The subject is important, as it constitutes the core of civilization of all times and all levels. In this study, we deal with `conscience as the basis for moral education.

Although moral education is mainly a pragmatic aspect of morality, yet it is based on a philosophical perspective or mental reasoning. This base is essential for definig the concept, its components, and how to approach it.

The study senses the problem in the uncomfortable paradox lying between the educational practice and the legacy of moral education. Educationalists have sustained from getting into the conceptual aspects of the `conscience or clasifying its etimology. Philosophers, as well, are far from consensus regarding the ideological assumptions of moral philosophy. Some of these aspects and assumptions are analysed with emphasis on creating a holistic approach, not as a concoct but as a concord. This approach combines philosophical reasoning and educational articulation. it depends on examining conscientious components, giving them in the form of voices; viz.:

- mastery and skill as a priority on the scale of values.

- collective conscience for the group and (not versus) the individual.

- sacrifice and empathy as a solid base for individual and group utilitarianism.

- memory as a tool for rootedness connecting the past (origin) with the present (status).

- imagery as a mental vision for what is becoming, linking the present (status) with the future (prospect).

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