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Physical Punishment in Education (An Islamic View)

Auther : Mohammed Yousef Afifi

The research aims at studying the topic of physical punishment from the Islamic Education point of view, because it is an important topic for the following reasons:

1 - It deals with our daily life.

2 - People have two different points of view regarding it.

3 - Not many researches have been particularly written dealing with this topic.

4 - The researcher wishes to deal with this topic from the Islamic point of view.

After studying The Holy Quran, Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h.) traditions and what Muslims scholars said about this topic, the researcher came to the conclusion that educators can use physical punishment, but with certain conditions such as:

1 - Physical punishment should start at the age of ten.

2 - It should not be more than ten.

3 - The stick should be of a medium size and neither too wet nor too dry.

4 - Physical punishment should not be strong to break a bone or cut the skin. Also it should not be on one part of the body. A little time should exist as a gap between every two sticks.

5 - A boy should not be punished when he is sick and at the time of cold weather.

6 - A boy should be punished alone unless the educator thinks it is useful to beat him in the presence of the others.

7 - No physical punishment at the time of anger, and the educator should stop beating when the boy mentions Allah.

8#Advice and nice words should always take place before physical punishment.

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