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Competencies Needed by teachers in Bahrain to be Able to work with Gifted

Auther : Osama H. Maajeeny

The study aimed at specifying competencies needed by teachers in Bahrain schools, in order to be able to work with gifted and talented learners in the regular classrooms, by assessing the degree of importance of each competency, and the degree of neediness by teachers through inservice training. It also aimed at finding out the differences in the sample answers with regard to the degree of importance and the degree of neediness. Finally, the study tried to find out the correlation coefficient between the five competence factors contained in the Importance Scale and their counterparts in Neediness Scale.

It tried to answer the following questions:

1 - What are the most important special education competencies from the point of view of the teachers in Bahrain schools, they are in need to acquire them? What is the correlation coefficient between the factors of the Importance scale & the factors of the Neediness Scale?

2 - Is there any statistical difference between the trained group of teachers and non-trained group with regard to the importance and neediness of the competencies?

The sample of the study consisted of (381) male & female teachers from all stages of the school system in Bahrain, with no less than one-year experience in teaching.

The study used a two scale questionnaire to assess the opinion of teachers. The first one was used to assess the degree of importance of each competence, while the other was used to assess the degree of neediness. The questionnaire contained (34) statements related to five major factors: Planning special education programs, definitions of basic concepts in the field, identification of G&T learners, implementing special programs, and characteristics and skills of effective teacher.

The most important results were:

1 - In the Importance Scale, the factor of characteristics & skills of effective teachers came first followed by the factors of planning and implementing special programs, the factor of identification of G&T learners, and finally, came the factor of definitions of basic concepts. On the other hand, in the Neediness Scale, the factor of implementing special programs came first, followed by planning those programs, followed by the identification factor, then the characteristics & skills of effective teacher factor, and finally, the factor of definitions.<

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