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What Education Have We Prepared for our Children in the 21th Century?

Auther : Yousef Abdulmoati

Arab education faces mega-issues in the future shich inevitably oblige us to adopt priorities to compete in the new cultural, social, technological and academic realms.

The ecucational development process should address the requirements of the new world order, have educational policies congruent with our economic, political and social systems, and provide a mechanism which guarantees the success of educational reform.

This paper aims to present three requisites:

1. Diagnosis of the educational status quo.

2. Futuristic perspectives.

3. Recommendations and channels for new departures in educational policy.

The paper also reviews the problems which preclude our current education systems; education expenditure in the Arab World and the advanced countries; the priorities and promotion of education for the development processes; the advanced countries reports and the paper presents the solutions required.

The paper discerns the dangers and strains that dominate the world and have their impact of education, and oblige us to prepare Arab citizens who confront future challenges and have hope and trust in the future.

As well, It indicates the bases of the new strategies, diversification of education tracks, discusses the decision makers vacillating and partial thinking and calls upon complete cooperation between all educationalists, governments, scholars and foundations to participate in accelerating the reformation of education.

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