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Intermediate School Pupils Acquisition of History and Geography Concepts

Auther : Abdull Rahman M. Al-Shaawan

The purpose of the study is to identify the extent of students (in Riyadh Intermediate Schools) acquirement of history and geography concepts.

The study was conducted in Riyadh city, (1013) students were randomly selected from the the total population of (57632) to participate in the study.

Six (multiple choice) tests were designed and showed a satisfactory degree of reliability and validity.

Research results showed the following:

1#The main result of the study showed low level of history and geography concepts attainment.

2#Means aquirement of concepts were:

for history concepts

A#Seventh Grade 51.07

B#Eighth Grade 50.12

C#Nineth Grade 40.15

for Geography concepts

A#Seventh Grade 50.80

B#Eighth Grade 54.74

C#Nineth Grade 46.25

3#Difference between means were found with regard to subjectmatter variable in favour of Geogaphy to grades Seven & Eight.

4#Differences between means were found with regard to grade variable in favour of grades Seven & Eight.

Some of the recommendations of the study are:

1#Teachers should aquire (through preservice and in service training) many skills in teaching concepts.

2#It is necessary to review social studies textbook and enrich them with all needed facilities in order to help students aquire concepts.

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