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Preschool children: Their abuse and psychological characteristics as perceived by their Mothers - a Cross Cultural Study (Egyptian society & Kuwait society

Auther : Hamdi M. Yaseen - Hassan Al-Musawi - Mohamed Azzamel

This study aims at finding out the most common ways of preschool children abuse, and how it affects their psychological characteristics, through the perspective of their mothers, both in Egypt and Kuwait. In this respect light will be shed on the cultural differences between the two societies.

Two questionnaires have been developed for this purpose: one to diagnose child abuse, and the other to measure the psychological characteristics pertaining to child abuse. Both questionnaires have been standardized by means of more than one method in order to ensure their validity, reliability and consistency.

Both tools have been administered to a random sample consisting of 150 Egyptian mothers representing two social levels (upper and lower) in Cairo. Another random sample made up of 85 Kuwait mothers representing the five govern orates in Kuwait were questionnaired as well. Subjects are different in terms of demographic characteristics (age, education,… etc.) This complies with the study hypotheses.

This study aims to verify the following hypotheses:

  • There are several common ways and types of child abuse in both societies: Kuwaiti and Egyptian.
  • There is a significant relation between child abuse and his psychological characteristics.
  • Child abuse differs according to the age of the child, mother’s education and her social status in both societies.
  • Child abuse is relating to several dynamic and social variables that can be broken down into several factors.

Parametric statistical processing, t-tests and Analysis of variance have been used.

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