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The Enrichment activities program for the Talented Students in Maths in the State of Kuwait: An evaluation study

Auther : Jasim Al-Tammar

This Study aims at identifying activities of the Enrichment Activities Program for the talented students in Mathematics in the state of Kuwait, as well as conducting an assessment of the program of Mathematics, by means of asking the opinions of the main participants in this program, (Teachers, Parents, Supervisors, and Students). The questions asked were about the following areas:

A - What is the nature of this Program?

B - To what extent does this program achieve its objectives?

To achieve these aims, the researcher developed four questionnaires for the teachers, the parents of the students, the program supervisors, and the students. These questionnaires were administered to the students participating in the activities of the program of enriching the talented students in Mathematics for the second semester of the school year 1998 in both the primary and intermediate stages, and the teachers who taught this program, as well as those who supervised this program, and the parents of the students participating in it. The sample of the questionnaire consists of 155 students, 89 parents, 13 teachers and 9 supersivsors.

The main results of the research were as follows:

1#The Enrichment Activities Program for the talented students in Mathematics conducted in the State of Kuwait can be considered as educational services for the talented students but not as a Program, perse.

2#Most of the parents of these students were satisfied with the Program, but not with its duration.

3#Most of the teachers were satisfied with the content and with the presentation of the program.

4#Most of the supervisors agree that there must be certain characteristics in the teachers of Mathematics for the talented students and these are lacking in most of the teachers now.

5#Most of the students agree that they have benefited from this Program, but not fully satisfied with it.

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