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Oral questions and the time taken for the teachers talk during the population Geography Lessons in the Secondary stage of Bahrain: A Surveying & Analytical Study

Auther : Abdul Naser A. Fakhru

This study aims to explore the level and extent of the oral questions posed by the teacher of the population geography and the time the teachers talk in the school period.

Using a tape recorder, a stopwatch, and an observation list, the researcher observed all the population geography teachers in the secondary schools of Bahrain in the second semester 96/97 [(4) male teachers and (11) femaleness].

The questions were put (2074 questions in all) in special tables. The researcher analyzed and sorted them out depending on Blooms Taxonomy levels.

The researcher had two hypotheses. The first one dealt with gender while the other one dealt with teachers experience in the field of teaching.

The study tried to answer the following questions:

1 . What is the level and the type of the oral questions asked by the geography teacher?

2 . What is the relative amount of the probing questions asked by the geography teacher in relation to the total questions?

3 . What is the amount of time taken for the teachers talk in the period?

The study used the simple percentile equations and the Mann Whitney test for processing the information collected.

The most outstanding results of the study are:

- No significant statistical differences between males and females in the level and type of the question and the time taken and the amount of probing questions except for the low level questions.

- No significant relation exists between the teachers experiece in teaching and the level of the question and the amount of the probing questions. The results show a negative correlation between the teachers experience and the use of the low level questions. Teachers of moderate experience use the probing question much more than teachers of low experience.

- 77.38% of the oral questions that have been analyzed and sorted out are low level questions, 82.78% are of the closed type and 3.76% are probing questions.

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