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Scientific foundations of designing an Educational Unit in the Internet

Auther : Abdullah A.M. Al-Habis - Abdullah A. Al-Kendri

During the past decade, an explosion of computer and network technologies has linked widely distributed computer networks together from a global network called Internet. The tremendous growth and impact of the Internet at home and in the workplace have placed additional pressure on education to adopt this technology and alter how education delivered. Using the Internet to design an educational unit has become a new trend in the field of curriculum.

The purpose of this study provide answers for the following questions:

1#What is the Internet?

2#How to use the Internet in education?

3#What is the philosophy and psychology of using an educational unit in the Internet?

4#What are the foundations of designing an educational unit in the Internet?

5#What are the barriers of using the Internet in education?

Findings showed that educators are generally in favor of using computer and Internet in education. Moreover, educators believe that designing an educational unit in the Internet should be based on psychological and philosophical points of view. Finally, there are two types for designing an educational unit; linear design and branching design.

More attention should be given to the new technology in general and the Internet in specific.

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