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Supervisors and Teachers opinions Regarding using the integrated approach in implementing Social studies curriculum in the Secondary Schools in Kuwait

Auther : Abdul Kareem A. Al-Khayat

The purpose of this study is to determine the merits and demerits of using the integrated curriculum in social studies with regard to its objectives, content, instructional strategies and student evaluation devices. It also aims to describe and analyse the degree of attainment of goals of integrated social studies curriculum in the secondary schools.

In order to achieve these purposes, the descriptive analysis is used. A questionnaire is developed to identify the following items: Curriculum objectives, Curriculum content, Instructional strategies, Student evaluation. The questionnaire is administered to a randomly selected sample of 299 teachers and 33 supervisors in social studies subject domain. Data have been analysed and required statistical procedures followed.

The main findings show that:

- Both teachers and supervisors agree on less than average attainment of the main goals of integrated social studies curriculum.

- There is a gap between theory and practice of integrated curriculum in the secondary schools.

- The lack of using new-teaching strategies; such as projects, problem solving, and critical thinking is clear.

- Textbooks are not prepared by special experts in the integrated curriculum.

- Teachers do not take training sessions in teaching social studies integrated curriculum.

- Student evaluation devices are traditional.

The following recommendations are cited:

- The goals of the social studies, in regard to the integrated curriculum principles and practice, have to be reviewed and reconstructed.

- Teachers of social studies in the secondary schools are in need to be trained in some basic competenies, such as; selecting new teaching strategies, implementing audio visual aids, constructing student evaluation.

- It is also suggested that the Ministry of Education should reconsider its procedures in selecting members for textbook committees.

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