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Evaluation of the Practicum Program at Ibri College of Education as Viewed by female student teachers

Auther : Mohammad H. Al-Abbadi

     The study aims at evaluating the practicum program at Ibri College of Education in the Sultanate of Oman. This was implemented by the female student teachers opinions about certain aspects of the program, namely the role of college supervisor, the role of the school headmistress, the role of the cooperating teacher, the practicum program itself and the college procedures with regards to it.
     A two-part questionnaire is developed, consisting of 48 items related to evaluate the role of: the college supervisor, the school headmistress and the cooperating teacher, in addition to the properties of the program and the administrative procedures taken by the college of education.
     The tool is administered to a random sample of (54) female students from liberal arts domain and (73) female student from science domain.
Findings indicate that:
1. The college supervisor is carrying out his role and tasks competently.
2. There is an obvious drawback on behalf of the cooperating school headmistress in doing her role and tasks.
3. The cooperating teacher was doing her role and tasks satisfactorily. Her performance seem to be moderate.
4. There is some drawback within the program itself and the college commitment to it.
5. There are statistically significant differences among the student teachers opinions with regards to the evaluation of the college supervisors role, the cooperating teachers role, the practicum program and the college procedures, attributed to the academic specialization variable (being liberal arts or science).
Some suggestions and recommendations are presented.

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