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The effectiveness of the teaching-practicum programme for Area Student - Teachers at Ibri College of Education

Auther : Hamdan A. Nasr & Taher A. Sallom & Mohammed I. Abdulmaksod

The study aims at evaluating the teaching practice programme for area teachers at Ibri College of Education considering the different viewpoints of teaching supervisors, school directors and students,with the purpose of determining the points of strength, and the points of weakness, to deal with accordingly.

Questionnaires were administred to three samples. The first sample inculded 25 teaching practice supervisors represented academic and educational fields. The second sample included (160) third-year students specializing as area teachers chosen on a random basis; containing students from the scientific and literary areas, and students taking up continuous and non-continuous teaching practice. The third sample included six school directors.

The reseachers used three tools prepared by the study team. The first was a questionnaire set for measuring the supervisors opinions about how far the programme objectives have been achieved. It contained ten items representing five dimensions covering the goals of the teaching practice programme, how they were put to practise, the skills of area teachers and difficulties. The second was a questionaire measuring the students opinions about the effectiveness of the role played by their supervisors. It contained 80 items, representing a different aspect of the teaching practice programme. The third was a questionaire designed to identify the opinions of school directors towards the programme. It contained 56 items that represented the contribution made by both supervisors and students regarding the from of techincal and administrative services offered to the school, and how far the school directors participated. When the validity and stability of the administered tools were tested, the reliability ratio reached (0.83), (0.85) and (0.82) respectively.

The following findings have been reached.

1#The supervisors opinions varied with regard to how far the programmes objectives have been reached.

2#A statistically significant difference at (0.05) exists between the students average estimates of the effectiveness related to the educational supervisors No significant differences were found between the students estimates of the supervision effectiveness related to the type of teaching practice or field of specialization.

3#A significant rise exists in the directors estimates of the role played by the supervisors and the students in offering technical services to the schools.

4#There has existed a similarity of opinions between s

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