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Teaching efficiencies of Arabic language in Kuwait English School

Auther : Abdullah A. Al-Kandary

   The case study approach is one of the recently used approaches in investing some of the educational process aspects. This approach is implemented here to tackle the problem of efficiencies of Arabic Language teacher in Kuwait English School.

   Evaluation of those efficiencies required the researcher to prepare some observation cards as follows:

  1. General Efficiencies for all teachers.
  2. Special efficiencies for teachers of primary and intermediate stages.
  3. Special efficiencies for teachers of secondary stage.
  4. Special efficiencies for teachers who teaches Arabic Language to non-native speakers.

Added to this, problem of the current study included two open questions investigating;

  1. Problems that may hinder the teachers while undertaking their tasks.
  2. Suggested procedures that may help to improve the teachers practices.

Reliability and stability for the tool have been done, then it has been applied upon all teachers of Arabic Language in the above mentioned school.

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