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The effect of guidance and educational leadership as an approach to teaching on academic achievement of female students at the faculty of education of the U.A.E. University

Auther : Moustafa Al-Safti & Faisal AL-Zarad

“ An Experimental Study “

The present study aims to reveal the effect of a teaching approach that uses guidance and academic tuition on the achievement of a sample of female students drawn from the Faculty of Education at the U.A.E. University.

The mentioned above teaching approach depends upon the student’s motivation, efforts and activities in the sense of self-learning orientation.

A comparison was drawn between the achievement of this sample (Experimental group N=108) and that of group of students who had studied according to the traditional method, lectures and recitation (spoon-feeding). (Comparison group N=106).

Analysis co-variance techniques were applied. The results showed that:

  1. There are significant differences between Experimental and control Groups in the level of achievement (p<0.01).
  2. A number of practical-instructional and administrative difficulties confronting faculty members using the mentioned teaching approach, were identified.
  3. There are some practical-instructional and administrative difficulties confronting the student that are suing the mentioned teaching approach were identified.

The study recommended that.

  1. It is very important to improve the present teaching approach adopted, in all faculties of the U.A.E. University especially in the faculty of education and department of psychology.
  2. It is very important that student exam scores should be assigned a considerable sizeable weight in the student’s final scores.
  3. It is very important that the students and teachers must be trained to be able to use the above-mentioned approach.

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