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An analystical study on the Kuwaiti students towards teachers strategies of classroom behaviour control

Auther : Abdullah Al-Hajri

The present study aimed at analyzing students’ opinions and attitudes towards teacher’s strategies of classroom behavior control in order to answer a number of questions regarding this issue. The chosen sample consisted of 225 students of 10 secondary schools in the five educational areas and the sex of students was also taken into consideration. A 40-item questionnaire was applied.

As SPSS program was utilized to calculate the F and Chi values for the differences between the means in 8 fields. They were:

  1. The clarity of dernier acceptable behaviors and disciplinary rules attached to it.
  2. Teachers effect on the occurrence of unacceptable behaviors.
  3. The variance between teachers in the used disciplinary methods.
  4. The extent of discrimination in the use of these methods between students.
  5. The use of body and non-body punishment.
  6. The effect of punishment on students personalities.
  7. Most used classroom discipline strategies.
  8. Most effective classroom discipline strategies.

The researcher arrived at a group of results from this study amongst which was the students feeling of the importance of the existence of clear-cut behavior discipline of the importance of the existence of clear-cut behavior discipline rules. He also showed the agreement among the students’ that teachers also may cause classroom behavior problems. In addition, he showed the preference of students of teacher avoidance of disciplinary methods, which mainly cause imparessment in front of others especially students.

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