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The study entitled Factors behind illiterates keeping away from study and their motives to enroll: A survey in Kuwait

Auther : Abdul Mohsin A. Hamada

The present study aimed at identifying causes that make illiterates unfavorable of learning, and suggested measures to deal with this problem.

The writer used some of the studies and research papers relevant to the subject, in addition to exploring the opinions of adult learning the following:

  1. Main factors behind their non-attendance of school in their Childhood.
  2. Main motives behind their attendance of adult education programs.
  3. Main benefits they got by attending about education programs.
  4. Main feelings and attitudes they hold while study adult education course.
  5. How favorable they are of television adult education programs.
  6. Main obstacles preventing them from joining adult education programs.

The main results of the study were:

  1. Some adult learners said there were reasons that prevented them from education in their childhood.
  2. The majority of learners had motives to join adult education programs. The majority also said they were happy and wanted to continue their education.
  3. The majority of learners preferred studying in adult education enters to home study based on television programs.
  4. Some learners stressed certain causes that repel willing joiners.
  5. There were significant among learners on causes, motives and benefits according to sex, age, kind of study marital status.

In the light of the results and of the findings of other studies, the writer made certain recommendations, which he believes are important.

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