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Twenty Years of Achievement (1984- 2003)

Steps on the road to distinction:

We are not another periodical. We are simply a different one, On the road to distinction, the Educational journal has made great strides. Thanks to good will and vast efforts of those involved, the E J has gained such status of esteem and appreciation.

The following are only indices:

First : In the area of distinguished Studies

The study entitled " Factors behind illiterates keeping away from study and their motives to enroll: A survey in Kuwait, 1992 (summer), 6 (24), 65 – 122 - was awarded Certificate of Merit, as the best study in the area of humanities, from Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), a credit for the Educational Journal publication policy.

Second : In the area of symposia and seminars

The Educational journal sponsored symposia and seminars set to discuss general and more relevant topics

  • A symposium " Educational Periodicals in Gulf States Council Countries: Issues &Answers " 11-12 May 1997. It was attended by chief editors, boards and staff of many journals as well as interested qualified figures.
  • The E J held a seminar "Prospective challenges facing Kuwait National Security: An educational perspective " on Dec 17 1997.
  • A Seminar entitled " Kuwait POWs in Iraq: The educational and social dimensions ", was held by the E J on Oct .13,1999. Humane, social and juridical aspects were discussed and illuminated. The seminar was attended by academic figures and some POWs families participated. The EJ published a book of the issue, in three languages Arabic English, and French.
  • The E J held a symposium the Educational journal: Actualizing evaluation into development ", on April 9,2002. Interested writers and researchers participated. An evaluative report was discussed and enriched. Recommendations were given and implemented.

Third : In the area of information resources enrichment and facilitation

  • Facilitating direct access for its audience to article and studies published in the Educational journal, the E J edited and published the E J INDEX comprising 396 studies of seventeen volumes, to start with vol.1
Journal of Law
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