Journal of Law


Sports Clubs Becoming Commercial Companies in Kuwait Law: A Comparative Study
Author : Prof. Abdullah M. Alhayyan - Dr. Fahed A. Alzumai

Employment of Local Folklore Heritage in Saudi Woman's Theater
Author : Dr. Ahmed S. Alatawi

The Efficacy of Employing Micro-Teaching Strategy in Developing the Teaching Competencies and Skills of the Islamic Studies Students Teachers in Practical Education at Kuwait University
Author :Dr. Kalthoum M. Alkandari

Evaluation of the Labour Cities Locations Using a GIS-based on Multi-criteria in Kuwait (in English)
Author :Dr. Nayef F. Alghais - Dr. Saad M. Algharib

Kuwaiti Commercial Publishers' Attitudes towards E-books (in English)
Author :Hayat Alyaqout

The Beginning of Formal Education in the United Arab Emirates, Its Development and British Attitude towards it (1953 -1960)
Author : Dr. Muhammad F. Al-Faris

The Impact of Emergent Growing Rest Places "Isteraha" in Qassim Region on the Family Ties and Bonds: An Educational, Social Study
Author : Prof. Waleed I. Al Abiky - Prof. Badrueldeen K. Abdu

The Reality of Practicing the Principles of Governance in the Directorates General at the Headquarters of the Ministry of Education in the Sultanate of Oman
Author : Badriya Kh. Al Jabri - Dr. Khalaf M. Al Abri - Dr. Rashid S. Al-Fahdi

China's Belt and Road Initiative and Its Impact on Kuwait's Foreign Policy
Author : Dr. Adnan A. Alenezi

Level of Attitudes of Slow-Learning Students Teachers towards Distance Education and Their Opinions for Impediments in View of COVID-19 Pandemic in the State of Kuwait (Blended Research)
Author : Dr. Faiez A. M. Al-Dhafairi - Dr. Sarah M. J. Mubarak - Dr. Fahd O. Al-Husseini

Moral Competencies and Ways to Develop Them among Secondary School Teachers in Hawally Education District in the State of Kuwait
Author :Dr. Majed M. AlAli - Dr. Buad M. AlKhales

Trust and System Quality on the Actual Usage of E-Government in Kuwait Using TAM (in English)
Author :Dr. Hasan A. Abbas - Prof. Kamel M. Rouibah

Efficiency Effect of Managing Working Capital on the Performance of GCC Listed Firms
Author :Dr. Turki B. Alshammari

Recidivism in Kuwaiti Criminal Legislation
Author :Dr. Dalal K. Alsaif

United States of America between the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Guinea: A Comparative Study
Author :Dr. Faisal M. Abu-Suliab

The Kuwaiti Public Reliance on Television and “Netflix” during Corona Pandemic for Entertainment and Leisure
Author :Dr. Yousef M. Alfailkawi

Internal Audit Systems under Corporate Governance Regulations: A Comparison between Kuwait and New York Stock Exchanges
Author :Dr. Abdullah R. Alshebli

Administrative Procrastination and its Relationship to the Effectiveness of School Decision Making during COVID-19 in Kuwait
Author :Dr. Meaznah S. Alazmi - Hend A. Alkhamees

The Extent to Which Ideational and Material Concerns Were Driving Factors in Saddam’s Decision to Invade Kuwait
Author :Dr. Mohammed A. Altuwayjiri

Attitudes of Students of College of Basic Education in Kuwait and Students of Bahrain Teacher’s College toward Corporal Punishment at Schools: A Comparative Study
Author :Dr. Khaled M. Alfadhalah - Mohammed Alsagher

Geographical Distribution of Primary Schools “Boys” in Unaizah Governorate Using Geographic Information Systems
Author :Dr. Abdullah A. Al-Kharafi - Dr. Ahmad M. Albassam

The Effects of Learning Strategies Using Mnemonic on Improving Memory Processes, Ability to Solve Problems and Academic Achievement among Students at Kuwait University
Author :Dr. Abdelmotaleb A. Abdelmotaleb - Dr. Soud A. Alganem

Level of Practicing School Laboratory Skills in Teaching Chemistry in High School and the Twenty-One Century Skills and Obstacles from Teacher Viewpoint in The State of Kuwait
Author :Dr. Ali H. Ebrahim

Reasons of the Difference between both of the Expected and Actual Project Completion Periods: A Study of the Performance of Real Estate Development Companies in Riyadh City
Author :Prof. Abdulaziz J. Aldegheishem - Eng. Abdulaziz N. Alzamil

Public Policy Making in Kuwait The Northern Economic Project as a Case Study
Author :Dr. Sarah J. Almutairi - Dr. Hamad H. Albloshi

Kuwait Secondary School Students' Attitudes towards Social Studies
Author :Dr. Abdullah J. Alhajri

Policies for Conservation of Urban Heritage in Historical Centers Historic Jeddah Case Study
Author :Nada S. Alyazidi - Dr. Waleed S. Alzamil

The Perceptions of Social Studies' Teachers and Their Supervisors about the Employment of Current Events in the Social Studies in the Sultanate of Oman
Author :Hamad Al-Kayali - Prof. Saif Al-Maamri

Impact of Risks and Benefits on Intention to Reusing the E-Government Portal from End-users Perception in Kuwait
Author :Prof. Kamel M. Rouibah

Organizational Excellence in Kuwait University from Its Faculty Members Perspective
Author :Dr. Ahmad S. Alanezi - Shahad S. Al-Shammary

The Impact of Health and Safety Precautions on Trust and Commitment of Parent and Non-parent Shoppers during the COVID-19 Pandemic Evidences from Co-operative Societies in Kuwait
Author :Dr. Abdullah J. Sultan - Abdulmouhsen M. Alfulaij

The Extent to Which the State Companies May Recourse against Employees Following Their Negligence Caused Damages
Author :Dr. Abdulaziz K. Abu-Khashabah

Foreign non-Arab students' Level of Adaption at Kuwait University and its Relation to Some Demographical Variables A Sociological Study
Author :Dr. Nawaf S. Alanezi - Dr. Sara H. Alnufaishan

The Effects and Repercussions of the Iranian Nuclear Program on the Arab Gulf States' Security in Light of Varied Gulf Positions toward Iran
Author :Dr. Fahed A. Abdulrahman

The Degree to Which Kuwait School Principals Have Achieved the Dimensions of Change Leadership from the Teachers' Point of View
Author :Dr. Maryam A. Almazkour - Hend A. Alkhamees

Kuwait University Students' Evaluation of the e-learning Experience during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Author :Batool A. Hendal - Pro. Fahad A. Alkhezzi

The Controversy of Triple Ruling in Kuwait (Al-Sabah, Al-Khalifa, Al-Jalahma): Analytical Reading of Primary Texts
Author :Dr. Theyab A. Alburaas - Prof. Abdullah M. Alhajeri

The Effectiveness of Using MyU Application to Enhance Interaction between Students and Faculty Members from the Perspective of Kuwait University Students
Author :Dr. Abdullah Y. Alfailakawi

Individual Institution Transformability into Company after Death of Licensee: An Analytical Study
Author :Dr. Abdullah M. Alhayan - Dr. Mohammad A. Almutairi

Membership Status in Boards of Directors Joint-Stock Companies: A Study in Kuwait Companies Law No.(1) of 2016 and Its Amendments
Author :Dr. Ali J. M. Buabbas

The Problems Facing Principals of Effective Primary Schools in Kuwait: A Field Study
Author : Dr. Ali M. Alansari - Dr. Amal E. Alansari

The Consistency of Composition and Flexibility of Interpretations: A Critical Reading Analysis of the Novel “Roses for You and Forks for Me”
Author :Dr. Latifah J. Altammar

The Impact of the Expanded Audit Report on the Audit Report Lag: A Field Study from the Saudi Audit Market
Author :Dr. Mohammed A. Al-abbas

The Qualities and Practices of University Leadership in Attaining the Competitive Advantage for Kuwait University: The Opinions of Faculty Members in Kuwait University
Author :Dr. Mutlaq M. Alenezi

Teacher’s Opinions on Integrating Moderate Mobility Needs in Physical and Movement Education Classes in Kindergarten through Middle Public Schools in Kuwait
Author :Dr. Heyam R. Boushehry - Dr. Mona A. Mohammad

Indicators Linking University of Tabuk’s Strategic Plans with Sustainability Standards and Their Green Implementations in Institutions According to Vision 2030
Author :Dr. Najwa M. Al-Fawaz

Mapping Traffic Noise in Kuwait City
Author :Dr. Dhary S. Al-Kandary - Prof. Jasem M. Al-Awadhi

The Problem of Unemployment of Graduates with University Degrees in the State of Kuwait: An Analytical and Standard Study
Author :Dr. Meznah S. Alazmi

Sports and Cultural Projects in The Gulf States and the Soft Power
Author :Prof. Rachid El Bazzim

The Degree of Activating Community Partnership by the Principals of the Basic and Secondary Schools between the School and the Local Community in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in The Sultanate of Oman from the School Principals' Perspective
Author :Dr. Abdul Aziz A. Al-Maayta - Waseela S. Al-Hanaei

The Legal Framework of Small and Medium Enterprises' Financing by Crowdfunding: A Study on Crowdfunding Regulation Ability under the Capital Markets Authority Law and Its Executive Bylaw
Author :Dr. Fahad N. Alshammari

Consolidation of Peace in Hadhramout in 1335 AH / 1936 AD Reasons, Constraints and Results
Author :Dr. Mohammed S. Bahemdan

Social Risks of Urban Dominance on the Omani Cultural Heritage: A Field Study
Author :Dr. Mohamed S. Bayoumy

Board Composition and Corporate Risk Disclosure (CRD) Evidence from Kuwait
Author :Dr. Mejbel Th. Al-Saidi

Quality of Life in the Light of the Recent Developments: A Sociological Study of AL-Duqm State in the Sultanate of Oman
Author :Shaikha H. Al- Madailwi - Prof. Muneer A. Karadsheh

Designing Surgical Uniforms for Students of Health Colleges Inspired by Traditional Costumes
Author :Dr. Wasmiyah A. Alaql - Prof. Tahani N. Alajaji

Recent Fertility Change Differentials among Kuwaitis: Some Implications for Future Migration
Author :Dr. Lubna A. Al-Kazi - Prof. Nasra M. Shah - Abrar A. Husain

The Expected Roles of the Educational Supervisor Practices in the Educational Region of Asir in the Light of the Technological Innovations from the Teachers' Viewpoint and Their Relation to the Teachers' Attitudes towards Their Supervisors
Author :Dr. Rabie A. Amer

Reasons for Relying on Private Tuitions for Elementary School Child and Proposed Solutions from the Parents' Perspectives
Author :Dr. Laila S. Alkhayat

Oman's Foreign Policy towards Gulf Cooperation Council States 2011-2018
Author :Dr. Wasfi M. Aqeel

Identity in the Press Coverage of the Gulf Football Cup Tournament: A Comparative Analysis to "Al-Ayam" and "Al-Rai" Websites
Author :Dr. Enas M. Sarg

The Level to which Curricula Quality Met the University Strategic Objectives and the Needs of Students as well as The Community According to the Faculty Personnel at Shaqra University
Author :Dr. Saud F. Alanezi

The Impact of JASTA Act on The Economic Interests of GCC Countries in the USA
Author :Dr. Abdullah R. Alshebli - Bader N. Alhusaini

Principles of The Public Budget in Limiting Corruption: The Kuwaiti Case
Author :Dr. Fatima H. Dashti

Ownership Structure and Firm Performance of Kuwaiti Non-Financial Listed Firms
Author :Dr. Mejbel Th. Al-Saidi

Sources of Anxiety among Saudi Female EFL Student Teachers during Their Practicum
Author :Dr. Maysoon A. Dakhiel

Awareness Level of Sultan Qaboos University Students Regarding Economy Diversification Styles and Consumption Rationalization in Supporting Sultanate of Oman National Economy
Author :Prof. Wajeha Th. Al-Ani - Hagir M. Al-Saadi

Significance of Egyptian Archives for Writing The History of Syria, The Gulf and The Arabian Peninsula during The First Half of The 19th Century
Author :Dr. Aly A. Ghazy

The Scientific Communication between Morocco and The Mashreq: Alayachi as an Example
Author :Prof. Elghali Benhachoum

Health Challenges Elderly Face in the Governorate of Muscat: Descriptive Study
Author :Prof. Muneer A. Karadsheh - Amal N. Al-Hashemi

Comparing the Performance and Risk of Conventional and Islamic GCC Banks
Author :Dr. Turki B. Alshammari

The Views of Some Kindergarten Teachers in The State of Kuwait on The Reality of Child Physical and Verbal Violence Behavior
Author :Dr. Heba A. Al-kandari

Spatial Thinking based on GIS from Constructivist Learning Theory Perspective: Literary Review.
Author :Dr. Eman A. Alsaif - Prof. Ali M. Alghamdi

Using Time Series Analysis Methods to Predict the Total Crimes in Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Tareq A. Aldoub

Citizenship of Saudi Women between the Legal and the Lived Reality: The Moment of Marrying a Non-national.
Author :Dr. Hatoon A. AL Fassi

Voluntary Loss of Nationality and Its Consequential Effect on The Spouse and Minor Children: A Study on The Kuwaiti Nationality Law in Comparison with The Saudi and Omani Laws.
Author :Dr. Bashayer S. ALGhanim

The Dialogue Strategy in Public Relations Practice: A Comparative Study between Government Organizations in Bahrain and Egypt.
Author :Dr. Abdulsadek H. Abdulsadek

Communication Practices Nature of the Election Campaigns in the Kingdom of Bahrain: An Applied Study on the Parliamentary Elections 2018.
Author :Dr. Ali A. Abdulla

Arguments and Representatives in Digital Texts of Saudi Ministry of Health in Controlling Corona Pandemic Prevalence.
Author :Prof. Mishari A. Almusa

Heritage Villages in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Tourism Development: Ouda Sudir Heritage Village as a Model.
Author :Dr. Sami A. Hassan

Challenges that Face Students of Special Education Departments in Saudi Arabian Universities during The Total Transformation to E-learning System in COVID-19 Pandemic.
Author :Dr. Nouf R. Almutairi - Dr. Eman M. Elashmawy

The Most Important Characteristics of Commuting Patterns for Najran University Staff Members and Students.مقدمة
Author :Dr. Saad M. AlQuhtani

The Impact of Transformational Leadership on the Implementation of Knowledge Management: A Field Study on a Sample of Government Agencies Employees in Riyadh.
Author :Dr. Moudhi M. Alzoman

The Power of Social Media Influencers: A Study of Public Perception of Credibility among Kuwaitis.
Author :Dr. Fatima S. AlSalem

Fair Value and Earnings Management Evidence from the Kuwaiti Market.
Author :Prof. Meshari O. Al-Hajri

Socio-Economic Causes and Implications of Delayed Motherhood in the Sultanate of Oman: Quantitative Analytic Study
Author :Prof. Muneer A. Karadsheh - Dr. Nasser R. Al-Mawali

Shareholders General Meeting Invalidity in a Public Joint Stock Company due to Material Error in Convocation.
Author :Dr. Abdulwahab A. Sadeq - Dr. Mohamad I. AlWasmi

Determinants of Demand for the International Reserves in Saudi Arabia Economy.
Author :Dr. Mohammed S. Afifi

Designing an Electronic Game Inspired by Traditional Clothes to Develop the Aesthetic and National Sense of Children in Saudi Arabia.
Author :Prof. Abeer M. Alsaadi

Political Contents in the Arabic Textbooks in Post-basic Education Stage in Sultanate of Oman.
Author :Dr. Saif N. Al-Maamari - Alia S. Al-Maskari

Ancient and Modern Architecture of Al-Musoukaf Market in Unaizah City Six Centuries Ago: A Model for Traditional Markets in Najd Region.
Author :Dr. Abdulaziz I. Alhrabi

Democratic Practices of Secondary School Teachers in the State of Kuwait according to Twelfth Grade Students.
Author :Dr. Farah A. Almutawa - Lateifa F. Mandani

Effectiveness of Using Brainstorming Strategy in Developing Oral Communication Skills for Secondary School Students in the State of Kuwait: Experimental Study.
Author :Dr. Mohammad D. Aldhafiri - Dr. Shaye S. Al Shaye

The Conflict of Vertical and Horizontal Values and Their Relationship to Some Social and Cultural Variables: A field Study on A Faculty Members Sample in The College of Basic Education in the State of Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Maha N. Ghannam - Dr. Mohammad M. Alajmi

Body Size Preferences among Kuwaiti Men and Women Socio-cultural Study.
Author :Prof. Maha M. Al-Sejari - Prof. Yagoub Y. Al-Kandari

Legal Flexibility of the Amnesty System in the Kuwaiti Law.
Author :Dr. Ahmad H. Alqahtani

The History of Huthel Tribe between Pre-Islamic Times and the Rise of Islam.
Author :Dr. Mahmoud M. Khalaf

Evaluating the Role of Real Estate Development Fund in Housing Affordability from the Beneficiaries' View in Riyadh City.
Author :Eng. Mohammed I. Alyahya - Dr. Waleed S. Alzamil

The US False Claim Act as a Mean to Protect Administrative Contracts: A Comparative Study of the United States and Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Khalifah T. Alhamidah

The Influencing Factors in the Closeness of Relationships between the U.S and Iran during Obama Administration (2008-2016).
Author :Dr. Faisal M. Abu Salib

The Coffee Motif in Nabati Poetry and in Ancient Arabic Poetry: A Comparative Approach.
Author :Dr. Hamad O. Alajmi

Evaluating the Performance of Mathematics Teachers in the Primary Stage in Light of the Professional Standards for the Teachers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Author :Dr. Mana A. Al-Shehri

The Influence of Enforcing the Principle of Good Faith on Restrictive Compensation Following Delays in Air Transportation According to Montreal Convention of 1999 and Kuwait Legal System.
Author :Dr. Mohammad A. Almutairi - Mr. Mohammad M. Alazemi

Desert Monumernts in Failaka Island and Their Relationship to the Seasonal Livelihood Economy - Site S88 as a Paradigm.
Author :Dr. Hamed M. Almutairi

Bribery in Companies - Theory and Practice: A Comparative Study Between Kuwait and the UK.
Author :Dr. Abdullah R. Alshebli - Dr. Bader N. Alhusiani

The Role of Training Programs in Developing the Teaching Skills of the Primary Stage Teachers in Riyadh City.
Author :Dr. Abdulaziz S. Aldossari - Abdulwahed A. Alaizari - Abdullah M. Al-Ahmari - Muhammad N. Al-Habib

Alienation Manifestations in the Poetry of Pablo Neruda and Ghazi Al Gosaibi: A Comparative Literature Study.
Author :Dr. Sabah H. Alswefan

Law No. (106) of 2013 Concerning Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing: Commentary on the Ruling of The Court of Cassation in Case no. 1325 of 2016 Issued on 22/5/2017.
Author :Dr. Noura T. Al-Oumi - Dr. Eiman K. Al-Qattan

The Cohesion Mechanisms in the Speeches of his Highness the Amir of Kuwait During the Years 2018-2019.
Author :Dr. Najah T. El-Zaidy

The Applicability of Domestic Criminal Law on the Accomplice Acts in Transnational Offences.
Author :Dr. Mohammad N. AlTamimi - Dr. Ahmad H. Alqahtani

Heritage Quarters of Addiriyah Existing Conditions and Proposed Development.
Author :Dr. Mansour A. Al-Jadeed

Divine Punishment in the Inscriptions of Ancient Arabian Peninsula.
Author :Dr. Rahma B. Al-Sinani

Uses and Gratification of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) among Young Omanis.
Author :Dr. Hafidha S. Al-Barashdi - Dr. Said S. Aldhafri

The (Kanadrah) in Kuwait between 1900- 2014.
Author :Dr. Maryam M. Alkandari

The Impact of Multimedia Program in Developing Learning Competencies and Attitudes Towards Learning among Social Studies Teachers in Qassim Region.
Author :Dr. Khaled N. Al-Ohali

The Dominate Ethical Climate in Kuwait Public Schools and its Relation to Teachers' Attitudes Toward Teaching Profession from their Point of View.
Author :Dr. Amal A. Alsaleh

A Proposed Model for Quality Standards for Academic Programs of Colleges of Physical Education.
Author :Prof. Faisal H. Al-Mull

Solidarity Strategy in the National Anthems of GCC Countries.
Author :Dr. Mishari A. Almusa

Freedom of Access to Economic Information for Kuwaiti Sovereign Wealth Funds and Enhance Disclosure Transparency of Media " A Field Study on Journalists Working in the Kuwaiti Media ''.
Author :Dr. Anwar A. M. Al-Jazaf

The Effect of Stigma on Attitudes towards Seeking Help from Social Workers.
Author :Prof. Hend B. Al-Ma'seb - Dr. Anwar F. Alkhurinej

Factors Influencing the Distance Training Committee of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States.
Author :Dr. Mohammed A. Gharawi

The Precondition of Legal Action in the Mortgage Property of the Credit and Savings Bank between Legitimate and Illegitimate - A Study in the Light of Kuwaiti Court of Cassation Rulings.
Author :Dr. Khaled A. Al-Dhafiri

The Degree of Educational Supervisors' Practice of Clinical Supervision as Perceived by Teachers in the State of Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Salem S. Alhajeri

Analytical Study on the Causes of Fundamental Contradictions in Traditional Saudi Fashion Using TRIZ Theory RCA+.
Author :Dr. Laila A. Feda - Dr. Wafa H. Shafee

The Scale of Crime in Kuwaiti Society: An Analytical Study During the Period 1992-2018.
Author :Nawaf F. Abu-Khashaba - Prof. Kamel M. Rouibah

Corruption Combat and its Relation to the Sustainable Development (A Descriptive Study in Perspective of Law No. 2 of 2016 Regarding Establishing Anti-Corruption Authority and Concerning Financial Statues Disclosure Provisions).
Author :Dr. Muaath S. Al-Mulla

Multiplicity of Narrative Voices and Textual Connection in Layla Al- Othmans Novel ``The Trial''.
Author :Prof. Turki A. Al-Mughid

The Essential and Unusual Clauses in the Leases, an Analytical Study According to the Legislative Decree 35 of 1978 and Kuwaiti Jurisdiction.
Author :Dr. Husain M. Alrashidi

Land Transport and Urban Expansion: Present Requirements and Future Challenges A Case Study on Al-Ahsa Province-Eastern Region-Saudi Arabia.
Author :Dr. Hillo A. Mohammed - Dr. Yasin A. Elhadary

The Role of Twitter Fake Accounts in the Process of Forming Public Opinion in Kuwaiti Society Field Study.
Author :D. Anwar A. M. Al-Jazaf

Perceptions of Concerned Parties about Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in Kuwaiti Banks.
Author :Dr. Khaled O. Alotaibi - Dr. Ibraheem A. Mubarak - Dr. Salah S. Alhammadi

Thoughts on the Value Added Tax (VAT) According to the Unified Convention of VAT for GCC Countries.
Author :Dr. Ibrahim M. AL-Hamoud

Procedures of Dealing with the Suspicion of Non-Constitutionality of Interpellation of Kuwait Prime Minister : An Analytical and Descriptive Study.
Author :Dr. Khalifah T. Al-Hamidah

Disability in Saudi Arabia: Types, Characteristics, and Spatial Variation.
Author :Prof. Rushood M. Al-Khraif - Dr. Mohammed S. Al-Gahtani

The Effect of Teaching Science via Folk Tales on the 6th Grade Female Students' in Acquisition of Scientific Concepts and Motivation toward Learning Science.
Author :Prof. Abdullah K. Ambusaidi - Huda A. Al-Hosni - Amal A. Al-Jamei

Estimating the Peak Discharge of Wadi Uranah Basin Drainage " Saudi Arabia ".
Author :Prof. Mohammad F. Bourouba

Dimensions of Identity Development and their Relation to Academic Satisfaction among Students of the College of Basic Education in Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Hasan A. Al-Hhumaidi

Examining Interior Design Competencies in Kuwait from Professional Perspectives.
Author :Dr. Ahmad E. Al-Ansari - Dr. Ali S. Al-Najadah

Knowledge of Vitamin D Deficiency Factors among a Sample of the Kuwaiti Population: A Socio-Cultural Study.
Author :Dr. Maha M. Al-Sejari

Female Criminal Capacity of Adultery in Kuwaiti Law between Origin and Exception - Comment on the Court of Cassations Ruling. No. 61/1975 issued on 26-1-1976.
Author :Prof. Meshari K. Al-Eifan - Dr. Hussin J. Boaurkee

Statistical Scientific Investigation of Popular Cultural Heritage in the Relation between Astronomy and Weather Conditions in the State of Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Ahmad M. Al-Hasam

Individual Investors' Attitudes towards News Processing of the Economic Journalism, Technical Analysis, and its Impact on the Investment Decision of Individual Investors: An Applied Study on Kuwait Boursa.
Author :Dr. Anwar A. M. Al-Jazaf

Influencing Factors of the Development of the Kuwaiti Political Regime (1962-1992).
Author :Dr. Faisal M. Abu Sulaib

Human Trafficking Combat between International Law and Kuwait Legislations.
Author :Dr. Eisa H. Al-Enezy - Dr. Awatef Sameili

Factors Related to Children disclosure of Sexual Abuse Professor.
Author :Prof. Hayfaa Y. AlKandari

Role of University Leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the Private Universities in the Sultanate of Oman as Perceived by the Academic Staff at those Universities.
Author :Salha A. AlBolishi - Prof. Aref T. Attari

Reality of Input and Educational Processes in Arab Private Schools in Kuwait: A Teachers' Perspective.
Author :Dr. Ghazi E. AlRasheedi

Degree of Parent Councils' Involvement in Tasks and Responsibilities in Post-Basic Education Schools in Al-Dhakhlya Governorate in Sultanate of Oman.
Author :Dr. Hossam Eldin A. Ibrahim

Use of Information and Communication Technology and its Relation to Teaching Skills at Primary Schools in Kuwait: An Islamic Education Teachers' Perspective.
Author :Dr. Maali M. Alabdulhadi

The Effect of Lighting Intensity on the Efficiency and Capacity of Silicon Solar in Yemen.
Author :Dr. Abdullah M. Altaweel - Prof. Nabil A. Alkodosi - Dr. Abduljabbar M. Alayani - Essam Y. Alsmawi

Evaluation of Organizational Websites as A Communication Tool:An Analytical Study.
Author :Dr. Jadaan F. AlShammari

The Impact of Public Expenditure on the Quantity and Quality of Education in Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Wael M. Alshuwaiee - Dr. Nayef N. AlShammari

Assujettissement de l'indemnité de fin de carrière à la sécurité sociale dans le droit koweïtien.
Author :Dr. Khaled A. Aldhafiri

Villa Design in Terms of Area, Constituents and Functions: A Users' Perspective.
Author :Essam A. Haidar - Dr. Waleed S. Alzamil

A Grammar-based Curriculum Aimed at Understanding Language and its Production: A Case Study of Saudi Secondary School Students.
Author :Dr. Ahmed S. Al-Ahwal

Motives of Terrorist Behavior: A Case Study of Psychology Faculty Members' Views at Saud Universities.
Author :Dr. Ibrahim A. Alhusaynan

Factors Affecting the Development of Kuwaiti Political System from Beginning until 1962.
Author :Dr. Faisal M. Abu Sulaib

The Effectiveness of Data Collection Techniques for Determining Secondary School Teachers' Training Needs in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Teachers' Perceptions of Obstacles.
Author :Dr. Ahmed N. Elbaz

Field Experience and its Impact on Student Teachers' Prospective Profession: A Case Study of Islamic Studies Majors - Kuwait University.
Author :Dr. Kulthoum M. Alkandari

An Assessment of Social workers' Professional Skills and the Impact of Demographic Variables on them: A Case Study of Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Hend B. Al-Ma'seb

Plant Abundance Soil Relationship of Three Annual Medicinal Plants in the Kingdom of Bahrain (Bahrain Island).
Author :Prof. Jameel A. Alkhuzai - Dr. Abdul Ameer A. Allaith - Dr. Afnan M. Freije

Factors Affecting Academic Fraud: A Case Study of Kuwait University Students.
Author :Dr. Wefqi H. Abu Ali - Prof. Abdulrahman A. Al-Ahmad

The Legal Framework for Corrective Measures in the New Juvenile Act No. 111 of 2015.
Author :Prof. Meshari K. Al- Eifan - Dr. Yousef H. Al-Mutairi

Architects' Opinions Toward the Architectural Competitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Author :Dr. Mosaid A. Al-Sadhan - Arch. Nahar B. Abdulfattah

The Determinants and Risks of Social Security as Perceived by A Sample of Kuwait University Students.
Author :Prof. Ali Z. AlZu'abi

Residential Satisfaction in the City of Hodeida, the Republic of Yemen.
Author :Dr. Mohammed T. Alyousef - Yaser M. Shaban

Gender and Patterns of Undesirable Occupations for Women: A Field Study on A Sample of Omani Society Members.
Author :Prof. Mounir A. Karadisha - Dr. Naser R. Almoawali - Safiya M. Almemari

Drawing a Line between the Case of Witnessed Crime and the Case of Charge with Strong Evidence: A Comment on the Judgment in the Appeal No. (377) of the Hearing Session of Penal Court for the Year (2010)
Author :Dr. Fares M. Almutairi

The Degree of Awareness of Female Students of Kuwait University of Women's Legitimate Rights and Its Relationship with Some Variables (A Field Study).
Author :Dr. Farah A. Almutawa - Dr. Jilali M. Bouhmama - Prof. Fatma A. Nazar

The Degree of Acquisition of the Skills of Critical Thinking among Students Majoring in Science and Islamic Education in the Faculty of Education at Kuwait University.
Author :Dr. Ali H. Ebrahim - Dr. Kalthoum M. Alkandary

The Role of the Kuwaiti Family in Instilling the Values of Ismalic Economic Education in their Children from their Own Perspective: A Field Study.
Author :Dr. Naser I. Alsharah - Dr. Barak S. Alrashidi - Dr. Ahmad O. Alrashidi

Interculturalism in Contemporary Kuwaiti Theatre: Shakespeare as A Model.
Author :Dr. Jasem H. Alghaith

Torrents in the Arabian Peninsula during the First Three Hijri Centuries and their Negative and Positive Impacts: A Historical Study Through Islamic Sources.
Author :Dr. Heila A. Alsahli

Health, Stress, and Social Isolation among the Elderly in Kuwaiti Society.
Author :Prof. Yagoub Y. Al-Kandari - Dr. Maha M. Al-Sejari

The Leadership Skills Levels of Graduated Students of Master of Education Program (The Unified Degree) at Kuwait University.
Author :Dr. Ahmad S. Alanezi - Uhoud Y. Aljadi

The Gulf Cooperation Council's Human Rights Declaration, Is A Step Forward or Backword?.
Author :Dr. Essa H. AL-Enezi

Serpent Symbol Indications on Dilmun seals in Failaka Island Community and their Harmony with the Signs and Practices of other Communities.
Author :Dr. Majed A. AL-Mutairi

The Degree of Awareness of the Higher Institute of Musical Arts Students in Kuwait of Women's Rights in Islam.
Author :Dr. Ahmed O. AL-Rashidi

Trade in Musquat During the Reign of Imam Ahmed Bin Said AlBusaid 1744-1783.
Author :Dr. Abdul Qader Bin H. AL-Qahtani

The Possibility of Investing Wind Energy in Generating Electricity in the Basin of Ibb City – Yemen.
Author :Dr. Hadi M. AL-Solaihi

Assessing the Influence of Dwelling Prices Variables in AL Khobar City.
Author :Prof. Ahmed J. AL Jarallah - Ameen M. Bin Mohanna

Analysis of the Conformity of National Standards Tests to the Good test Standards of the Independent Primary Schools in State of Qatar.
Author :Dr. Badriya S. AL-Malki - Prof. Aisha A. Fakhro

In Service Training for Nursery Teachers in State of Kuwait: the Status Quo and Ways of Development from Teachers Perspective to Meet their Needs.
Author :Dr. Mohammad M. AL-Abdulghafoor - Heba A. AL-Kandari

The Power of Criminal Verdict before the Disciplinary Judiciary in the State of Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Meshari K. Aleifan - Fajer H. AL-Shammari

Environment Protection Within International and National Laws " Special Reference to Kuwait's Law No.42 of 2014 " .
Author :Dr. Mefareh M. AL-Subeie

Students Opinions Regarding Domains Tackled in Social Media Means in the College of Education at Kuwait University .
Author :Dr. Fayez M. AL-Dhafeeri - Ebrahem A. AL-Kandari - Azari J. AL-Ali - Ohood Y. AL-Jadi

Comparison of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) - and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) - Based Slope Calculations' Impact of Data Models on Surface Terrain Indexes .
Author :Dr. Mofareh D. Qoradi

Evaluating Sustainability of Building Regulations in Riyadh Using the Scale of (LEED) .
Author :Dr. Mosaed A. AL-Sadhan - Abdulaziz A. AL-Masned

Predicting the Selection of Teaching Profession by Communication Competence, Communication Apprehension, and Attitudes Toward Teaching at the College of Education at Kuwait University.
Author :Dr. Saleh A. AL-Ebrahim

The Extent of the School Contribution in the Enhancement of Values of Loyalty and Belonging Among Students in Secondary Education in the State of Kuwait .
Author :Prof. Jassim Y. AL-Kandari - Huda A. AL-Kandari

An Investigation into Decision Makers Awareness of Consequences of the Financial Crisis on Kuwaiti Stock Market.
Author :Dr. Hesham I. ALMujamed - Dr. Faisal S. ALanezi - Dr. Mishari M. AL-Faraih - Dr. Abdullatif E. AL-Rukhyes

The Implementation of Children Literature in Introducing Traditional Costume .
Author :Prof. Laila S. ALBassam - Dr. Tahani N. ALAjaajy - Dr. Wasmiyah A. ALaql - Dr. Arwa D. Khomayyies

Enhancing the Acquisition of Environmental Cognitive and Metacognitive Knowledge Through Asynchronies Discussion .
Author :Dr. Ali H. AL-Kandari

Staff Training Needs in Arabic Private Schools in the State of Kuwait: AL-Najat Schools as a Model .
Author :Dr. Abdullah I. AL-Kandari - Dr. Suaad M. AL-Shebou

Kuwaiti Periodicals: Study in its Inception, Development, and Current Situation .
Author :Dr. Amal M. Abdul-Elwahab - Prof. Yousria A. Zayid

The Absent Variable in Accounting Education Studies: Lecture Attendance - Longitudinal Case Study of The College of Business Studies' Students in Kuwait .
Author :Dr. Khalid A. AL-Anezi

Housing Type Preferences Among Kuwaiti Citizens and the Concept of Interior Design and Urban Residential Density .
Author :Dr. Fawzi A. AL-Zamil - Dr. Qutaiba E. AL-Shaheen

Introduction to Programs of the College of Education Course: An Evaluative Study .
Author :Dr. Ali I. AL-Houli - Dr. Alanoud M. AL-Rashidi

The Degree of Employment of Education for Citizenship Concepts in the Schools of Sultanate of Oman from the Perspective of the University of Nizwa Students .
Author :Dr. Abdullah Bin S. AL-Tobi - Dr. Basim M. AL-Dahadha

Entrances and Obstacles to Enable the Employees in Rehabilitation Centers to Assist Disabilities in Using Assistive Technologies of Information Technology .
Author :Dr. Yas A. AL-Sultani - Khalid Bin A. AL-Zahrani

Sheikh Abdullah AL-Salem's Attitude Towards the Nationalistic Movement in Kuwait During the 1961 Crisis .
Author :Prof. Abdullah M. AL-Hajeri

The Low Participation Rate in Student's Elections at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training and Corrective Measures: Field Study.
Author :Dr. Ammar A. Al-Ajmi - Dr. Ahmed A. Al-Failakawai - Dr. Fahaad A. Al-Ajmi - Ms. Jameelah Al-Otaibi

Adjustment with Divorce in Kuwaiti Society: A Comparative Study Between Married and Divorce Sample.
Author :Dr. Fahad A. Al-Nasser - Dr. Eissa M. Al-Balhan

The Degree of Satisfaction About Ha'il Rally Festival (The Challenging of the big Nufud) and its Activities 2006 - 2008 in Saudi Arabia.
Author :Dr. Mohammed F. F. Al-Tamimi

The Impact of Public Transport Accessibility on the Development of Tourism Areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Author :Dr. Saad Bin N. Al-Hussein

Citizenship and Loyalty Values: A Study on a Sample of Kuwaiti Youth.
Author :Dr. Yagoub Y. Al-Kandari - Dr. Humoud F. AlQashan - Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Duwaihi

The Public Housing Program in Kuwait: An Assessment of Financial Constraints and Future Challenges.
Author :Dr. Mohammad Ramadhan‡ - Ms. Marwa Al-Musallam - Mr. Adel Naseeb

The Extnet of Schools Contribution in Installing National Values: The Views of High School Students in the State of Kuwait.
Author :Dr. Naser E. Al-Sharea - Ms. Alya E. Al-Dowaila

Anxiety, Depressions, and Social Values: Comparison Study Between Orphanage Children in State of Kuwait .
Author :Dr. Khader A. Baroun

التوافق مع الطلاق في المجتمع الكويتي­ دراسة مقارنة بين عينة من المطلقين والمتزوجين.
Author :د. فهد عبدالرحمن الناصر - دـ عيسى محمد البلهان

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