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The Scientific Communication between Morocco and The Mashreq: Alayachi as an Example

Auther : Prof. Elghali Benhachoum

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to highlight the importance of Alayachi travel to Hijaz in introducing the social, economic and architectural conditions, that all abound in The Arabian Peninsula (Arabia). The study also seeks to investigate the contribution of Abi Salem Alayachi in enhancing the intellectual and cultural communication between the Mashreq countries and Morocco. In addition, this study aims at investigating channels of communication between Morocco and The Arab Mashreq (The Levant) as well as the role of Moroccan trips in the historiography of The Arabian Peninsula.
Method: In this study, researcher opted for the descriptive and analytical method appropriate to the type of the study that suits the speech in Travel Literature.
Results: This research study showed that:
-  The communication between the Arab Mashreq (The Levant) and Morocco has contributed in enhancing the relationship between them.
-  The Moroccan trips to Arabia were essential source of Hijaz history and its economic, social, architectural, scientific and religious conditions.
-  The traveler Abi Salem Alayachi contributed in providing anthropological statements through describing the demography of the Arabian Peninsula.
-  Alayachi also provided his statements about economic and commercial transactions in the region.
Conclusion: The factors of the intellectual and cultural communication between The Levant and Morocco, the most important of which were the pilgrimage journeys in general and the Alayachi trip in particular, formed an important source of the history of Alhijaz and its economic, social, architectural, scientific and religious conditions, and had largely contributed in the Arabia's historiography during the 17th century A.D (11th century A.H). Moreover, Abi Salem Alayachi was able to provide anthropological statements as he described the Arabia's demographic specificity, its customs and traditions. He also described the economic and commercial activity practiced that time. All of these aspects and reasons made of Alayachi's Travel an important source in achieving a cultural communication between the two parts of the Islamic world.

Keywords: Communication, Mashreq (The Levant), Morocco, Travel, Alayachi, Trip.

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