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Effectiveness of Using Brainstorming Strategy in Developing Oral Communication Skills for Secondary School Students in the State of Kuwait: Experimental Study.

Auther : Dr. Mohammad D. Aldhafiri - Dr. Shaye S. Al Shaye

Objectives: The study sought to know the effectiveness of brainstorming strategy in the development of oral communication performance among tenth grade students in Kuwait. The study also aimed to address the following questions:
- What oral language skills should be provided to students in the research sample?
- To what extent are these skills available in the sample?
- What is the effectiveness of brainstorming strategy in developing the oral communication among the sample?
Method: The study used the analytical descriptive method of reviewing educational approaches and the previous study to benefit from in building the research instrument; A Card of Assessment to the students performance in the desired-to improve skills. The study also developed the strategy features and principles of the independent variable (brainstorming). The experimental approach was applied to a sample of (30) students from the tenth grade of the secondary stage.
Results: The study came up with a range of skills that are necessary for oral communication to the students of 10th grade. It also found statistically significant differences at the level of a=05% in favor of the Pilot Group; it is an evidence of the skills effectiveness and their role in developing the oral communion skills.
Conclusion: The study recommends that Arabic teachers should be trained to use active learning strategies in teaching. The study also suggests reviewing the content of Arabic language curricula of the secondary stage using modern approaches that adopt the strategy of brainstorming.

Keywords: Brainstorming, Oral communication, Secondary stage, Arabic language.

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