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The Role of Training Programs in Developing the Teaching Skills of the Primary Stage Teachers in Riyadh City.

Auther : Dr. Abdulaziz S. Aldossari - Abdulwahed A. Alaizari - Abdullah M. Al-Ahmari - Muhammad N. Al-Habib

Objectives of Study: This study aimed to: Identify the role of the training programs to develop the teaching skills of the primary stage teachers in Riyadh city.
Identify the most important aspects that limit the role of these programs.
Show the most prominent ideas that may contribute to enhance the role of training programs in the development of teaching skills.
Study Methodology: The researchers used the descriptive method due its  consistencey with the nature of the study.
Study Sample: the sample of the study included (189) teachers from different public primary schools in Riyadh.
Study Data: The study relied on the scale prepared by the researchers, which was built based on many literature reviews to obtain the sample's responses.
Study Results: The results of this study indicated that:
Training programs have a great role in developing the teaching skills of the teachers of Riyadh city.The lack of continuous evaluation of training programs limits the role of these programs.
Providing trainees with training bags and supplies before the beginning of the training program is one of the most important things to be aware of.
Study Conclusion: The study recommended a set of proposals that may work to make the training programs effective and to improve teachers' performance.

Keywords: Training Programs, Development, Teaching Skills, Primary School Teachers.

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