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The Coffee Motif in Nabati Poetry and in Ancient Arabic Poetry: A Comparative Approach.

Auther : Dr. Hamad O. Alajmi

The Goal of the Study: One of the objectives of this study is to try to answer several questions, the most important of which is: how did the motif of coffee, Qahwah, in Nabati poetry replaced the motif of wine "Khamr" in the ancient Arabic poetry? What makes coffee the most appropriate motif to replace wine in the Nabati poem? ?How the mofit of coffee in Nabati poetry could carry the same symbolic features that the motif of wine ancient Arabic poetry? To what extenet expressing the theme of coffee
(Qahwah) was affected by expressing alcohol theme poetry in the ancient Arabic poetry?
Study Methodology: This study aims to explore a symbolic aspect of the motif of coffee in Nabati poetry and its relevance to that of wine in ancient Arabic poetry, due to the similarities between both cultures being oral or orally-dominated. More importantly,
both cultures originated alomst from the same geographical spot within similar social and political circumstances.
Study Samples: This research deals with set of verses and poems from Nabati poetry belong to the 18th and 19th century in particular and compares that to verses of old Arabic poetry.
Study Results: This study found that coffee could replact the wine motif so it appears, in Nabati poem, linked to the very topics that were associated with wine in the old Arabic poem.
Study Conclusion: This study concludes with recommendations for future studies and summary of the reasons on why the motif of coffee in Nabati poetry was influenced by the motif of wine in Arabic poetry.

Keywords: Ancient Poetry, Nabati Poetry, Coffee, Qahwah.

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