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The Impact of Multimedia Program in Developing Learning Competencies and Attitudes Towards Learning among Social Studies Teachers in Qassim Region.

Auther : Dr. Khaled N. Al-Ohali

The Goal of the Study: The study aimed at investigating the impact of a multimedia program in developing teaching competencies and attitudes towards learning among social studies teachers in Al-Qassim region.
Study Methodology: A quasi-experimental design was used for equivalent random groups.
Study Tools: The researcher applied three tools:
The First: to measure the teaching competencies of (60) items covering (5) domains.
The Second: attitudes measuring questionnaire towards teaching of (20) items.
The Third: the multimedia program was developed to improve the teaching competencies level among social science teachers in the Al-Qassim region.
The Study Sample: It consisted of (50) teachers distributed equally to an experimental group and a control group. The equivalency of both groups was checked too.
The Study Results: The study results revealed that there are statistically indicative differences between the level of teaching competencies of the experimental and group compared to the control group for the favor of the experimental group. Also, there are statistically indicative differences in the level of attitudes toward teaching in the experimental group compared to the control groups to the favor of the first.

Keywords: Multimedia Program, Learning Competencies, Attitudes towards teaching, Social Studies Teachers, Al- Qassim Region.

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