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Trade in Musquat During the Reign of Imam Ahmed Bin Said AlBusaid 1744-1783.

Auther : Dr. Abdul Qader Bin H. AL-Qahtani

     Imam Ahmed bin Said al-Busaid, Founder of the AlBusaidi State in the Sultanate of Oman, attached knowingly great importance to trade as a source for generating great revenues and profits that positively reflect on both the citivzens and the country as well. Imam Ahmed's great interest in trrade can be attributed to his being one of leading merchants in Muscat prior to and post of his term of office.
     During his reign, trade prospered greatly and Muscat and its port had become one of the most renowned trade cities in the Arab Peninsula and the Gulf. The prosperity could be attributed to Imam Ahmed's policy in dealing with domestic and foreign merchants. He reduced taxes and made them affordable for all, opened Muscat before foreign merchants especially Indians. In addition, Muscat was a stable and secure city to the extent that goods and commodities used to be left unattended at night without being exposed to theft or damage. Imam Ahmed also used to maintain a military fleet to defend trade shipe against piracy. He also possessed a trade fleet to ship commodities and goods from the Arab Peninsula and the Gulf to/from the workd and other export and import activities.
         The study is divided into the following themes:    
First: Importance of Muscat as a trade city.    
Second: Muscat's trade relatioon with China.    
Fourth: Muscat's relation with its refional neighbors and Eastern Africa     .
Fifth: Muscat's relation with Britain and France.    

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