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The Gulf Cooperation Council's Human Rights Declaration, Is A Step Forward or Backword?.

Auther : Dr. Essa H. AL-Enezi

     The GCC members, after 33 years of working in inproving their relationship in order to achieve the best interests of their citizens and achieve unity, have adopted a Gulf Cooperation Council's Human Rights' Declaration (GCCHRD).
     Accordingly, this study took place in order to evaluate the declaration, and decid whether it was a step forward or backward. The stady has examinal the following:
Chapter One: The circumstances of the issuance of the GCCHRE.
Chapter Two: The content of the GCCHRD.
Chapter Three: The legal value of the GCCHRD.
Chapter Four: The hopes of GCC Citizen.
     The study will try to compare between some regional and previous human rights instruments and the GCCHRD.
     The conclusion of th study did not appraise the GCCHRD because it did not comply with the international standards of that إpoque, nor respond to the real needs of the GCC citizens, who have been for 33 years under a modest system of human rights protection. Howerver, despite the hidden intentions of the issuance fo the GCCHRD, which are politicalm, the declaration pushed some GCC members to deal with some human rights issues which they refused to do so for long time. If the GCC memvers continue the schem of the human rights protection, they are expected, in the near future, to adopt a binding human rights instrument.

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