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Effect of Oil Pulling on some Health Problems of the Female Students in Kuwait University .

Auther : Dr. Nedaa A. AL-Khamees

 Purpose: To test the ability of oil pulling to improve existent health conditions in a female student population.
     Methods: Questionnaires designed to elicit currently-experienced health problems suffered were completed by 250 subjects before and after up to three months of oil pulling and by

102 control subjects at equivalent times. For analysis, the various health problems were grouped into 'skin related problems', 'neurological related problems', 'digestive related problems', 'mouth related problems', 'respiratory related problems', 'bone related problems', and 'other' problems .
     Findings: Subjects recorded a large number of symptoms and conditions. Eighty-four percent of sufferers reported a benefit of oil pulling. For all of the grouped categories except respiratory' and 'other', the mean reduction in suffering was significantly greater (at the 0.001 level) for experimental subjects versus control subject One hundred and eight one

(72.4% of subjects reported adverse effects, but these vanished after a few days in 150 (82.9%)(
     Research Limitations: Subjects were entirely female university students; results may be different for other groups. Many of the symptoms and conditions reported were rather non- specific, can show considerable temporal variation, and were not verified clinically.
     Practical implications: Oil pulling may be useful in maintaining oral health and, therefore, general health. A judgment on what emphasis, if any, it deserves in oral health education awaits further research, but at least in countries such as India, where there is a long tradition of its use, it may well be presented as an alternative to the usual recommendations.

Originality: This appears to be the first scientific survey of its kind.

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