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Facets of Multiple Sclerosis in Kuwait - A Descriptive Study

Auther : Dr. Nedaa A. Al-Khamees

     This study was designed to delineate facets of MS in Kuwait and to use the information obtained to guide health information on MS in Kuwait.
     150 questionnaires were distributed to each of MS patients and persons not suffering from MS. Returned questionnaires were analyzed by contingency table analysis.
     Significant relationships were found between MS and gender; age; martial status; country of birth; living in Kuwait during childhood; Kuwaiti nationality; relatives with MS; not using Kuwaiti agricultural products; non-consumption of milk and milk products; depression severe headache; numbness; dizziness; double vision; permanent disability (any; walking; speech; vision)
Research Limitations
     Limitations of the study are the small; possible selection bias; and inherent inaccuracies of self-reported questionnaires. A larger study with closely matched groupings is required to validate the findings.
Practical Implications
     The results imply that health education should stress the importance of considering a diagnosis of MS in relative of MS patients with double vision, numbness, depression, severe, headache, or dizziness, and in other appropriate cases. A possible protective effect of consuming fruit and vegetables, milk and milk products could also mentioned. Also, patient could be reassured that, while a degree of permanent disability is probable, it is nonetheless likely that they will continue to lead a normal life.

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