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The status of Higher Education in Kingdom of Bahrain and its Relation to Development Requirements

Auther : Dr. Faisal H. Al-Mulla

     The current study aims to investigate the status of higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and its relation to development requirements, and determine the challenges facing the outcomes of higher education. In addition, the study aims to examine future strategies for connecting the higher education outcomes to the needs of the development.

     Due to the nature of this study, the research has followed a descriptive approach which is based on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to reach a decision. The major findings of the study are as follows:

Higher education in Bahrain has risen and it started with one institute and has reached more than 10 institutes of higher education today.

     The number of students enrolling in higher education institutes and universities has increased for the past years; however, most universities face some difficulty accepting all students.

     There is a gap between male and female students in higher education, where females exceed the males in number. The approximate percentage of students was 65% for females and 35% for males.

     Most of the higher education outcomes are not related to market needs.

     The labor market in Bahrain needs outcomes from potlatches, vocational and applied sciences institutes rather than from four- year study universities.

     In the light of the results, the study provides some recommendations to improve the outcomes of higher education in Bahrain and link them with market needs.

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