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Kuwait-Iraq Relations: A Futuristic Look for a Troubled Relationship

Auther : Dr. Abdullah K. Al-Shaeji

     It has been said long time ago, that Kuwait is too rich for its own good and is too vulnerable to defend itself, and its people are too spoiled and too rich to care about democracy. Moreover, Kuwait is too clever and self-possessed to tie its future to the policies of other nations. (The New Yorker, A Reporter at Large), May 1988.

     That assessment was before the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. After the Iraqi occupation of its much weaker and vulnerable neighbor, Kuwait found it scrambling and fighting as it has done since its very inception for survival.

     It is a known fact that national security is every countrys concern and top priority, but in the case of Kuwait it has become its national obsession.

     Kuwait lives in an unstable environment which suffers from a lack of indigenous balance of Power, which contributes to the chronic instability and the three wars the region witnessed in the last 25 years of the century.

     There is a school of thought in Kuwait, which believes that the demise of the Baathist regime and toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, as a regime and an ideology that haunted Kuwait since its early independence days in early 1960s, would not usher in a new dawn of peaceful relations and coexistence between the two neighbors.

     This study explores through reviewing the literature of Small-nation states in troubled region in the International System the variables which influence the relationship of the small nation-state with its predatory neighbors, i.e. the future of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations.

     In addition, the study will explore and highlight the future relationship and the challenges from the new Iraq that is forming through the review of the Confidence Building Measures CBMS and what are the measures needed to alley the Kuwaiti fears and how could Kuwait help in rebuilding Iraq and win the battle of hearts and minds of the Iraqi in a long process of assisting in the efforts of rebuilding Iraq.

     It is a long and arduous road towards a healthy normal relationship to form a long lasting relationship based on good neighborly relationship, based on respecting international resolutions and non-interference in the internal affairs, and solving disputes by peaceful means.

     This will take time and efforts from both sides and mainly from the stronger and the larger country, which is Iraq, the aggressor. If that takes place, the future relationship between the two countries will be prosperous, and will ease the seige mentality which has dominated the strategic thinking of the Kuwaitis for over a century.

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