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The Scope of Saudization in Engineering and Consulting Firms Licensed and Registered to Practice in the City of Riyadh

Auther : Dr. Ibrahim Bin R. Bin S. Al-Jowair

     Despite the call for replacing Saudi professionals in place of non-Saudi professionals since 1975, the role of non-Saudi professionals is still substantial in the Kingdom in general and in Riyadh in particular.  The first engineering office was licensed in 1964 which was owned by an Egyptian engineer.  The first engineering office owned by a Saudi was licensed in 1969. Since the graduation of the first group of Saudi architectural engineers in 1971 from the first college of engineering established in the Kingdom, there is still no recent study which illustrates the level of Saudi involvement in the professional practice as employees and not as owners of the offices.

     The studys aim is to attempt to prove the hypothesis which states that Saudization in engineering and consulting offices are primerly for owners and partners, by analyzing the problem and determining the following:

- The exact number and type of offices licensed to practice in Riyadh and the type of practice.

- The exact number of non-Saudis who are in practice in Riyadh, their specialization, their nationalities, as well as the reasons of their hiring.

- The percentage of Saudization in engineering and consulting offices which are registered in Riyadh Municipality and the ways to raise it.

- The reasons behind preventing the hiring of Saudi architects, planners, and engineers, draftsmen, and landscapers and others in indulging in practice and how to avoid it.

     In collecting the data, the researcher depended on the archives of Saudi Council of Engineers and the Municipality of Riyadhs office of permits.  A questionnaire has also been distributed to all licensed offices.

     The study proves that the hypothesis which claimed that the majority of Saudi architects, planners, and engineers are only the owners of the consulting and engineering offices and their partners.  The simple requirement for licensing, coupled with the lack of practicing specialty led most Saudi architects, planners, and engineers to be employers hiring others rather than employee working for others.  This was a major cause of expats dependency.  This study concluded that the lack of hiring Saudis has nothing to do with qualifications or school-training. It has to do with the low salaries, and the working hours.  The advantages of government job overshadows any advancement in hiring Saudis professions in the consulting and engineering offices.

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