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Shaikh Salih Bin Ali Al-Harthy and his Social and Political Role (1250\1834 - 1314\1896(

Auther : Dr. Said Bin M. Bin S. Al-Hashimy

     This study aims to throw up the light on the rank of Shaikh Salih bin Ali Al-Harthy(1834- 1896) and his social and political role. He played an important role in the Omani interior statues. It also aims to highlight his scientific rank through his culture, the impact of his scholars, and also his students who learned from him and spread it in Oman.                                                   

     Shaikh Salih also gained such a great social status through his talents as a scholar and also as a leader. He is known as Imam al-Muhtasib and led the Hianway party in the al-Sharqiyyah Province. All the Hinawy tribes obeyed him and revolted all Omani rulers.                                                              

     It is important to note that the reference that researches in the autobiography of Shaikh Salih is limited and very rare, since it is scattered here and there and neither necessarily connected to each other nor clearly objected. His great contribution forming Omani policy during his life, his scientific and political rank became widely known among all people to find.                           

     He made great efforts in attempting finding solutions for the political problems during his reign. This is mainly because he was one of the leaders of that era.                                                   

     The researcher relies on a group of resources as ``Tuhfat al-Ayan by Abdullah al-Salimy, Nahdhat al-Ayan by Muhammad al-Salimy, and his book ``Aiyn al- Masalih.                                  

     The methodology of the researcher follows the autobiography of Shaikh Salih and his social and political role as available to the researcher from the information which indicated either directly or indirectly to his rank.                           

The topics of this research are:


-Bibliography of Shaikh Salih

-His education and culture

-His social and political role

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