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A Comparative Study of Scientific Research Obstacles in State and Private Higher Institutions: A Field Study

Auther : Dr. Abdullah S. Al-Mejeidil

     The present research entitled A Comparative Study of the Obstacles of Academic Research in the Institutions of Higher Education is a filed work study aims at investigating the obstacles which the teaching staff faces in higher education institutions both the governmental and the private. The study sets to investigate the obstacles which hamper the teaching staff doing research and the ways and means of overcoming these obstacles. For that end, the researcher has designed and tested a questionnaire to survey the obstacles and to determine its factors. The questionnaire included determining factors such as material, administrative and personal obstacles. The researcher studied the reliability of the questionnaire. The sample study was comprehensive in that it included all teaching staff taking Salalah College of Education, College of Technology and Dhofar University (all in Dhofar) as its setting, and the year (2004/2005) as its span of time.

     The researcher used the method of analytic description. He tried to answer a number of questions:

What are the obstacles of academic research from the viewpoint of the teaching staff in the aforementioned institutions?

Are there statistical defining differences in the mean percentage of the answers obtained form the study at 0,05 investigating variables such as gender (male, female), academic specialization (scientific, literary mainstreams and years of experience (5 years and over, less than 5 years)?

To what extent are the differences attributed to variables such as gender, academic rank, specialization and the years of experience influential?

     The researcher used the SPSS statistical programme in the analysis of data. He also reviewed the previous relevant literature on the topic. The analysis of the results yielded the following findings:

A good portion of the informants endorsed all items of the questionnaire, with administrative obstacles topping up all other ones in all governmental and private institutions as far as academic research is concerned.

The study showed that while there are no defining differences in relation to gender and specialization, the differences centered on the years of experience; those with the least experience suffered more, the study showed.

The researcher made a number of recommendations. Of these:

Academic research is a national, humanitarian, and ethical priority. Hence, it is in dire need of setting up an immediate National Body for Academic Research that would rid it of the complex financial and administrative routine and would lay down plans and programmes to determine its priorities and to execute its projects.

Appropriate a budget for academic research; any amount of money spent on academic Research is not a waste; it is rather a profitable investment.

Make available all that is needed and necessary for academic research: books, references, labs, technicians and the like.

Encourage private institutions of higher education to do academic research and to appropriate a budget for that end.

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