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Labour Force in Qatar and its Demographic, Economic, and Social Characteristics

Auther : Dr. Nasser A. Fakhroo

     This research is about labour and its direct relationship with production and development processes. The research addresses this relationship through studying labour sector in Qatar and the challenge it is facing, since expatriates represent most of the Labour Force in Qatar. The unbalanced Labour Force can threaten social, political, economic, and cultural structure.

     This research provides facts in addition to improvement results and recommendations:

-The Labour Force has increased by seven times from 1970 to 2001, with an annual growth rate of 5%.

-About 96% of the Labour Force are employed, while the unemployed represent only 4%.

-The Geographic Distribution of the Labour Force shows that most of the Labour Force (80%) exists in Doha and Al Rayyan areas.

-The participation of women in Labour Force has increased, especially nationals who represent 30% of the total work force.

-The services sector has 40% of the total Labour work. This sector mostly attracts nationals since they represent about 81% of the total employment.

-The research concludes a number of recommendations:

-Forming a national committee that will shoulder the responsibility of studying the Labour Force in order to identify the real needs for employment.

-Provide programs and policies that direct the local Labour Force to productive activities.

-Coordinate between education and employment needs.

-Encourage the participation of women in the Labour Force.

-Plan to attract efficient labourers who can promote in the development process.

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