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The Effect of Field Training Course (Internship)on Some Personal Traits of A sample of Female College Students at KingSaud University Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Auther : Faridah A. Al-Mosharraf

     This study explored the effect of field training course (internship) on some personal traits on a sample of female college students at king Saud University, the statistical differences on these traits, and the relationship between them and academic achievement.
     Data was collected by administering Gordon personal profile to the experimental sample of (n=21)students before and after training , and one time before the rest of the sample (n=25).
     This profile measures four traits: Ascendancy, emotional stability, sociability, and responsibility.
     Results indicate the following:

1 - No statistical difference found of training on personal traits.

2 - A significant difference was found on (0.01) level of ascendancy trait based on personal achievement on internship.

3 - A significant correlation on (0.36) level was found at level (0.05) between ascendancy and academic achievement in internship.

   Interpretations of these finding were provided, and recommendations for further research were cited.     


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