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Auther : By: Dr. Mohammed Al-Khizami Aziz

Saving energy and electric power is one of the most important interests in the governmental departments in the Arabian Gulf countries. Doha is a city that needs clear plans for the distribution of the pipe utilities, especially in the last few years, because of the great developments in several fields, such as urbanization, industrialization and demographic. This paper outlines the ability of using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in the field of saving electric power in the city of Doha through a pilot project.

The use of GIS in the utilities has already had a significant impact upon the productivity levels of service and staffing. The abilities to display and manipulate maps on computers and the increased ability of electronic communications to handle the potentially large data volumes involved have created a major advance in the ability of the utilities to analyze, manipulate and maintain up-to-date records of their plant assets.

The pilot project explains a way of how to use a GIS in the site optimization for new electric substations in Doha that based on the following information:

  • The distribution of the present power substations and cables.
  • the road network in Doha,
  • the present distribution of the new settlements that need utilities,
  • and the future distribution of settlements.

GIS help us to implement a spatial analysis on the above data and optimize the suggested sites for the new substations that should have the following conditions:

  • The location of the suggested substation that should be inside the present new settlements of the planned areas,
  • within 2 km from the next present power cables,
  • within 2 km from the next present main road.

The applied software that has been used called “Atlas GIS”. It is powerful desktop geographic information system that can be used to combine the extensive analytical and presentation capabilities of mainframe mapping software with ease and affability of desktop mapping. ‘Atlas GIS’ allows us to create up to 250 layers of graphic map features, manage extensive data files, match addresses and import and export many popular data formats.

The implementation of the pilot project required a PC workstation a digitizer and plotter. The base map of Doha has been digitized in several layers, such as:

  • A layer for the coastline in blue,
  • a layer for the road network, especially main roads,
  • a layer for the built-up area,
  • a layer for the planned area,
  • a layer for the present power cable network, especially main cables,
  • and a layer for the present power substations.

The attribute data for each cartographic feature in the above layers could be entered in the parallel to the digitization process.

The using of the analytical operation in ‘Atlas GIS’ that called “buffer zone” helped us to indicate the buffering zones around the above cartographic features in order to optimize the suggested sites for new power substations. This electronic method saved, time and costs in processing such complex data. The optimization of the suggested sites for necessary power substations is also saving electric energy, because ever the site in the right and optimized location, the better saving energy.

This application should explain how it is necessary today to use GIS in the fields of utilities, because it provides economic advantages to the utilities. GIS also contribute substantially to the well-being of the environment by enabling the utilities to realize and coordinate their activities, particularly in areas of highly developed conurbations.

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