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Auther : By: Dr. Mohamad A. J. Al-Mutawa

Structural changes occurring in the Gulf region during the last two decades have affected the social and economic aspects of the region. Sociologists have been endeavouring to uncover the dynamics of these changes and study their impact on individuals and societies alike.

It is well known that the basic reason for these changes is the discovery of oil that led to unprecedented economic growth. Each society in the Gulf region started to plan to achieve economic prosperity by expanding local industries and modernizing the infrastructure. However, all indicators show a wide spread increase in consumptive rather than productive attitudes.

Consumer expenditure has become almost a contagious disease spreading from one home to another to the extent that who cannot afford it borrows money to keep up appearances. Young people have also been affected. Money has become too easy to get and the idea of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay has been forgotten.

Considering all these points, we are going to investigate the features of consumption in the U.A.E. society and the causes affecting the consumer process.

This paper focuses on the consumer culture in U.A.E. Society. A questionnaire has been distributed on a random sample to detect the following:

  1. The nature of the consumer culture and its basic features in the U.A.E. society.
  2. The regional and international conditions that help crystallize consumer values and the spread of consumer culture in the U.A.E. society.
  3. Socio-economic factors that influence the nature of consumer society.

Finally, this paper suggests appropriate policies to direct society’s energies towards production, saving and investment, thus assisting in building a sound economy.

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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