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Auther : By: Dr. Obaid Al-Otaibi

Retail trade is one of the most important sectors in Kuwait’s economy and one of the State Gross National Product (GNP) support. Cooperative Societies since their establishment in 1962 with their subdivisions, i.e. supermarkets and branches embrace a grand network to distribute and flow the retail trade in the local market. They cover 80% of the distribution volume and will attain 90% of the foodstuff volume in addition to other necessary consumer commodities.

Objectives of the study:

  1. Introducing the role played by the cooperative societies in the field of retail trade and ensuring the commodities and services to the citizens and expatriates in an economic price. This will be carried out by studying a group of factors, e.g. number of supermarkets and their branches, number of shareholders and shares, sales volume, number of employees and the number of people these cooperatives serve.
  2. Studying some of the financial indicators to know the performances of these cooperatives and their shortcomings.
  3. Studying the role played by these cooperative societies from the sociological and economic perspective, how they provide investment, and new employment opportunities for the citizens and the contribution of the Kuwaiti individuals.

These objectives will be carried in the framework of the spatial distributing of the phenomenon and its variables in the five governorates of the State of Kuwait.

The researcher will use the descriptive survey method to provide the basics of information and the inductive method for the discussion, analysis and evaluation.

Summary Results:

The study clarifies the spatial differences among the five governorates of the State of Kuwait through the variables and factors it focuses on.

The Capital Governorate:

This governorate possesses the biggest number of cooperative societies in Kuwait at a rate of 32.5%. It is the second with regard to the number of shares embracing the rate of 21.6% and it holds the first position of the number of Kuwaiti shareholders at a rate of 32.3%. It owns the highest percentage of total shares, which is 45.5%. It comes first of sales among other cooperative societies at a rate of 34.8%. The total number of employees is 30% among other cooperative societies. It has the biggest number of branches at a rate of 26.7%.

Concerning selected financial indicators, the cooperative societies of this governorate outrun the other ones by balance of 20 points and is at the first position by 41.6% of total expenditure for the social services achieving a great advantage over the other governorates.

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