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TERRORISM NEWS PROCESSING IN THE ARABIC PRESS...Comparative analytical study – Kuwaiti Daily AL-WATAN And Egyptian Daily AL-AHRAM

Auther : By: Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Mekki

The study focuses on investigating and elucidating the characteristics of news handling terrorism one of the most disturbing themes in our modern life. It Surveys the content of terrorism published in both the Egyptian Al-Ahram and the Kuwaiti Al-Watan dailies during January through June 1995 compilation of data was based on the content analysis questionnaire an authentic and proved one. The study output unveiled a number of facts to be abstracted as follows:

  • Terrorism topics examined in both newspapers were represented by 59.3% for Al-Ahram and 40.7% for Al-Watan. These topics were mainly dealt with through plain news.

  • Approximately 80% of terrorism issues in both newspapers were published on inside pages. Only 21% of the total reports surveyed had relevant pictures. Nearly 81% of these reports were provided by news agencies and reporters and 75% of their information was sourced by statements of the police and head of governments.

  • Egypt and Algeria were on top of the countries where terrorism occurred, of which 64% were committed by groups and 36% by individuals, 35.3% of the perpetrators were Muslim extremists.

  • Almost 70% of the crimes were mainly assassination and building blast mishaps, perpetrated for political or revenge purposes. Firearms and explosives were used in 80% of total terrorism incidents.

  • Two third of terrorism victims were either ordinary individuals or civil servants of European or American nationalities.

  • Condemnation and denunciation were the most obvious reaction on the part of states and governments with regard to terrorism issues; and most of the anti-terrorism efforts were distinguished by regional aspects.

  • 41.2% of terrorism received proper punishment, while 59.8% were either unidentified, escaped punishment or their situations were obscure in media tackling.

Eventually, media tackling of terrorism issues are characterized by news and informative, rather than analytical and explanatory type. Furthermore, similarity between batches of work ,the two aforementioned newspapers are more obvious than those of dissimilarity.

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