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Auther : By: Dr. Obaid Al-Otaibi

The study society and sample:

Due to the existence of forty(40) working co-operative societies, after excluding three co-operative ones which does not work yet, the researcher, corresponded with these to co-operate with him to fill two questionnaires (manpower and general managers).

The researcher distributed the questionnaire to all the 30 co-operative societies. The total returned is 1641 questionnaires.

Concerning the tool research relating to the general managers of the co-operative societies, two co-operative societies apologized. Thus, the total research society included 38 co-operative societies.

The research objectives:

  1. This research aims to perform sharp analysis and examination of manpower characteristics (employees and general managers) in the co-operative societies in Kuwait.
  2. To be introduced to the obstacles and problems of manpower in the co-operative societies.
  3. To know the average of manpower job satisfaction through some personal variables and geographical distribution of the co-operative societies.
  4. To be acquainted with the nature of the differences in the degree of manpower job satisfaction through some personal variables and geographic distribution of the co-operative societies.
  5. Evaluate the role of the co-operative societies in offering job opportunities and their implementation of the strategy concerning replacement of expatriates manpower with national one and Kuwaitization.
  6. Introduce the nature and problems of the manpower working in the co-operative societies to the decision makers and to work for solving them and plan for their futures.

Results summary:

This research concluded a group of results which can be summarized as follows:

First – Manpower Characteristics:

The manpower majority is non-Kuwaiti male, most of them are Egyptians, and 82% of them are less than 40 years old. More than ¾ of the manpower receive monthly salary less than K.D. 200. The majority are high school certificate holders. 70% are married. 59% have one year to 5-year experience.

Second: General Manager Characteristics:

The number of Kuwaiti General Managers are approximately 74% and more than two thirds are above 40 years old and all of them are male and married. 80% carry University degree and more than 50% have no less than 5 year experience.


  1. To establish supreme labor authority or council for co-operative activities which include representatives from Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Industry and Union of Co-operative Societies and professional from Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Vocational Learning & Training and to set up a future prospect of the needs of co-operative societies of manpower in general and Kuwaiti manpower in particular.
  2. The necessity of setting up a strategy for Kuwaitization in co-operative societies and to replace the expatriate manpower with local qualified and trained ones.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs should amend the article (19) of the executive table of co-operation law No. 24 of 1979 which defined profits distribution by adding a paragraph which oblige the co-operation societies to designate 5% of their net profits to spread education, awareness, learning and co-operative training to board of directors and general managers and committees members and manpower and to shareholders as well.

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