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Auther : By: Dr. Issa Al-Quisi

This study has two objectives:

1.  To investigate the main problems with Kuwaiti population and labor market.

2.  To propose to deal with problems.

Regarding the first objective, this study revealed that we have a structural imbalance in both population and labor force. Non-Kuwaitis (Arab and non-Arab) make up the majority.

Before the second of August 1990 non-Kuwaitis nationalist consisted about 74% of total population, this percent decreased to 60% after the second of August 1990 due to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and departure of a large block of non-Kuwaitis. Also we found that the non-Arab in non-Kuwaitis population whom they become the majority after the second of August 1990.

Regarding the labor market, the study shows that foreign labor accounts for 80% of total labour force. We also found imbalance in labour distribution between sector and economic activities, where Kuwait labour employed most in the government sector and service better distribution between services and productive activities.

Regarding the second objective, we propose two sets of policies:

1.  Population policy based on controlling the inflow to Kuwait by adapting a clear immigration policy based on quotas where specific numbers allowed every year in order to control the imbalanced population.

2.  Labour policy based on:

    1. Increased female participation in labour force.
    2. Control of early retirement.
    3. Encouraging the use of technology.
    4. Encouraging young Kuwaiti males to be involved productive activities.

Increase the educational standard of foreign labour.

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