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Auther : By: Dr. Sami Mohammed Rabie Al-Sharif

The study examines the Arab News in the six Arab Gulf newspapers in regard to volume, common news sources, kinds of news, subject categories and Arab countries covered.

The content analysis was carried out using a sample of six newspapers in the Arab Gulf States. The selection consisted of one newspaper from each country as follows:

  1. Al-Ittihad (United Arab Emirates).
  2. Al-Qabbas (Kuwait).
  3. Akhbar Al-Khaleej (Bahrain).
  4. Al-Rayah (Qatar).
  5. Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).
  6. Oman (Oman).

    The sample consisted of 14 issues published during the first four months of 1994 for each of the six newspapers selected.

    The study has shown the following results:

  8. Al-Ittihad had the highest proportion of Arab news coverage followed by Al-Qabas while Oman had the lowest proportion.
  9. The highest category of the Arab news was the political news which accounted for 43.33% of the total Arab news and more than 50% of the total space. The second highest category was economic news.
  10. Arab Gulf newspapers depend much more on the western news agencies as sources of Arab news than on any other sources.
  11. Al-Qabas relied most on western news agencies.
  12. The Qatari news agency was the first among the Arab news agencies which the Arab Gulf newspapers depended on as a source of Arab news. The Middle East Agency was the second and the Kuwaiti agency was the third.

The domestic news in the Arab countries made up the largest number of the Arab news in the six newspapers. The second highest category was the Middle East issue news. The third was the news, which covered the relation between Arab countries on the one hand and the United States and Western countries on the other. The Arab Gulf newspapers were not interested in the news, which cover the relations between the Arab countries and the third world countries.

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