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Auther : By: Juhayna Al Essa



           This paper examines the effect of oil industry on worker’s modernity.  It proposed that the factory (oil industry) modernizes man because the factory embodied principles which teach……….  Because it had reached a minimal level of mechanization, rationality, technical proficiency and organizational effectiveness.


           The question of whether an oil industry worker is more modern in his attitudes and values than any other worker has to be examined.

          Since most of oil workers had left their traditional occupations such as herding and pearl diving as a result of oil exploitation in 1949.  This may mean that those workers are more modern than their relatives and fellow workers who have other occupation.

           The study used the theoretical frame of Inkles and Smith (1966) by using overall modernity scale which had been used in many studies since then.


        Our hypothesis is: a factory (oil industry) is a modernizing school; men who work in an industry are more modern than their counter parts who are not industrial worker.


         A sample (N = 73) oil industry workers was compared by a control sample (N = 50) of non-oil industry workers.  The ages of the subjects ranged from twenty five years of age of sixty, some were illiterate and some had about nine years of formal education.  All were Qataries and Moslems, they are residents of Doha (the Capital). Dokhan, Umm Said, Whakra, Um Salal Ali, Al-Khor and Al-Thakira.


 1.     No significant differences on the O M Scale between oil industry workers and non-oil industry  workers (Z = 72 N.S.).

 2.     There is a positive correlation between the level of education and individual modernity.

3.     Modern values beget modern attitudes.

We agree with Inkles and Smith that a modern man can be characterized as a one who is an informed citizen, has a marked sense of personal efficacy, he is highly independent and autonomous in his relations to traditional sources of influence and finally he is accepting of new experiences and ideas.

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