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Auther : By: Dr. M. I. Salhiyieh


This writer’s major concern is to show the popular revolt against the Ottomans and not the formal one, by examining social interaction and the development which created the effective Yemeni front, that front which enabled the Yemenis to drive away the Portuguese, then the Ottomans.

Through the following, this study deals with motives and goals behind the Ottoman drive towards Yemen.

Four major reasons can be identified:

    • The Ottoman need for control over the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, to tighten their grip over commerce to India.
    • The Ottoman-Yemen contract after the occupation of Egypt, 1517.
    • To challenge the Portuguese existence which in dangered the Islamic State.
    • To protect the Moslem Shrines in Mecca and Medina.


Yemen became the front line to achieve the above mentioned goals.

Because of the nature of the struggling powers in the area, this goal seems to have been very difficult to achieve, because of the following reasons:

  1. The remaining powers of the Mamluks were not decided to accept or reject the Ottoman influence.
  2. The internal struggle between Yemeni patriots failed to unify the Yemenis to stand for or against Ottomans.
  3. The ill treatment of the subjects in Egypt by the Ottoman military leaders which was characterized by collecting money as fast as possible and carrying gifts to the ruling class in Asitana.
  4. More over to shed light on the development of events:

    1. This study treats Hussain Al-Kurdies military actions and his political successes or failure, besides his struggle with Soliman Al-Rayes who went back to Egypt after his failure to stop the Portuguese.
    2. The Portuguese successful control over the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean that the Ottoman ships have to pay passage fee.
    3. The success of the Portuguese in driving away the Ottoman force sent to assist the Indian Kings.

On the other hand this study surveys the efforts by Soliman Bsha Al-Khadem and shows his failure, which resulted in his confrontation with natives, mainly the Ziedies which his act was mainly to cover for his Indo-Portuguese failures

In addition to that it focuses on the positive roe of Al-Muthar in his long battle against his father Imam Sharaf-Aiddeen and against his brothers Ali’s and Shams-Alddeen.

And how he formed a unified Ziedis front. And this will show the severe Ziedis power struggle.

The Ottoman confrontation with Ziedies unified front to be formed later will be mentioned.

Included will be the Ottoman plan to recapture the north. Will examine the difficulties the Ottoman faced caused by difficult terrains and weather, besides the tough Ziedi tribes who considered Ottoman control as an insult to their sect and inhalation to their Bedouin honour.

This will be shown when dealing with the struggle between Al-Motaher and the ottoman Viceroy.

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