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Auther : By: Abdullah M. Bin Khamis


This article deals with the most prominent elements of the Folk Literature in the Arabian Peninsula: The story, the proverbs and the poetry which are not necessarily independent from each another for the story can be summarized by proverbs and aided by poetry.


The story may represent a “legend” highly imaginative full of exaggerations and overstatements, in which children and naïve minds find entertainment. It may have a high moral value as it narrates true fact reflecting Arab chivalry and pride. This cultural heritage is worthy of preservation and study.


Some proverbs may originate from classical Arabic but they have been adapted to colloquial dialect, others are the product of environment reflecting the social and cultural conditions of it.


The writer stresses the importance of poetry in Arabic Folk Literature and throws lights on the development of Folk poetry. At first, he draws the attention to the incorrect terminology used to describe Folk poetry as “Al-Nabaty” which implies that it has come from non-Arabic origin. He refers to the historical fact that Al-Nabat are not of an Arab origin and that the only relationship between them and Arab is neighborhood and alliance.

He also believes that the origin of Arab Folk Poetry in the Arabian Peninsula date back to the third century of Al-Hijra and the closer it was to its origin in the first few centuries the sounder it was in construction: resembling most closely classical Arabic which establishes in the writer’s view an important fact that Folk poetry is an extension of classical Arabic poetry.

He explains the importance of the Social, Cultural and Political, various forms of Folk poetry. The writer cites several Saudi authors who have dealt with these types of Arabic Folk Literature.

Finally, he emphasizes the importance of these forms of Folk literature because they represent an important cultural heritage.

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