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THE ASSESSMENT OF STUDENT-TEACHERS IN THECOLLEGE OF BASIC EDUCATION ...A Case Study in the Implementation of Linear Model in Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Auther : Dr. Aishah Saad Al-Dubaibi


The College of Basic Education has a special course designed for training students to become teachers.  This course has been planned to train the student teacher in real educational situations to develop a set of different educational qualifications inside the classrooms.  The college of Basic Education identifies six criteria to consider in evaluating the students in their training course.  These criteria fall into three categories: personal, scientific and vocational.  The main purpose of this course in the College of Basic Education is to evaluate a number of students in a training course under the following criteria:

          Teaching Practice Qualification                   :         Vocational

          Personal Characteristic Qualification            :         Personal

          Preparation Qualification                            :         Vocational

          Class Management Qualification                  :         Vocational

          Evaluation Qualification                              :         Vocational

          Academic Qualification                               :         Scientific


We apply the Linear Model to the Case Study because we consider the Linear Model to be the best available methodology for this study.  The axiomatic approach to the pairwise comparison method in Al-Dubaibi (1998) gives a systematic and a coherent framework.  Moreover, we measure the quality of the comparisons using the work on consistency.  Thus the main objective of this study is to investigate the weights of the criteria and how they vary between departments.  In more detail, we investigate the weights of the criteria for each department and consider whether the weights really represent staff opinion in each department.  Finally, we show how the weights can be aggregated across departments by using the techniques developed using the Linear Model.

As a result of the study, the personal qualification has the highest weight, then teaching qualification in the second rank and then preparation qualification.  The lack of awareness of the importance of the personal qualifications will be reflected through implementation because there is no plan for this qualification inside the curriculum.  At the same time, decision-makers in the education system are assuming that these personal qualifications will be reinforced throughout the rest of the curriculums.  As a result, there is in no balance between personal, academic and the vocational qualifications in the programs for preparation of teachers.

It is clear that the above implementation of the Linear Model to this study simplifies the process and highlights the need for finding criteria weights, which reflect the decision makers’ view of the relative importance of the criteria.

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