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WOMAN AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE QATARI SOCIETY ..Analytical Study of the Available Human Development Opportunities For Qatari Woman

Auther : Dr. Kaltham A. Al-Ghanim


Human development is considered one of the basic development programs, which instigate appropriate conditions for the human being to participate in the building of his society. This is attained with the consideration that man is the objective and method of development at the same time. It is also considered that societies develop through the efforts of their individuals and their participation in supporting social and economic development programs. It is well known that human development is raised on the conception of evolving life through increasing the social environment capacity to support the circumstances which serve the human being and which give him long and appropriate life, adequate knowledge and an appropriate living standard.

Moreover, the acceleration of capacities necessitates provision of opportunities. This means provision of equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of their kind, sex, gender or class, in summation of needs, acquirement of skills and practice of freedom. Thus, the conception of human development includes “Justice”, “enabling” on “equilibrium” and “sustenance”. These are the standards or basics for the conception of sustainable human development.

The objective of this study is thus determined in the examination of actual and real possibilities for the services forwarded to woman in Qatari society. This is specially framed after the special rank, the issues of merging the woman in development has attained. The society is confronting major obstacles hindering its capacity from achieving economic and social development. These are represented in the low standard of the citizen’s participation in development sectors, due to weakness of human capabilities as of the size of available human resources or lack of skills and qualifications.

The study also aims at evaluating the services offered to the woman, and their contribution to the various needs of the woman in order to improve her status and skills and to facilitate her participation in the development process. The measure of human development guide, which is affiliated to sex and the enabling measure are used in order to specify the defects of development efforts. This measure will assist in closing the gaps and in specifying the extent to be worked by the society. The study uses analysis and its growth trends, equal opportunity level and the degree of the woman participation in society development.

The study concludes that the woman still needs great efforts to develop her capabilities, especially in applied sciences and technical fields. This will only be attained through widening her opportunities in this kind of education in order to balance her skills. A positive result will be achieved affecting the process of replacing woman labour in the future. It is expected to achieve participation rates equal to those of males; especially that her growth rates exceed those of men.

The study concludes also that the share of woman in economic opportunities is considerably less than that of man. The value of human development guide affiliated to sex is also low and its value is similar to that of the societies with medium development.

This means that there are differences in benefiting from development opportunities between sexes. Obstacles also face the woman in the fields of qualification, employment and participation. Social instructions play a major role in determining the kind of capabilities, which the woman can acquire, the patterns of profession and the nature of participation in the service of her society, without enabling her to choose these fields.

The society makes quantitative developments in the capabilities, but they are defective. Thus, the woman’s role in serving her society is not supported, though there are no official restraints, they are more effective.

The study introduces a strategy for regaining balance to the role of woman in effecting development. This strategy aims at developing instructional policies for enforcing the capabilities of the Qatari woman, at achieving equal opportunities or justice between the two sexes, and at contributing to the strengthening of the woman’s role in developing her society. The woman will not be able to practice her developmental role without first creating this development and without the support of the social environment.

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