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Auther : Dr. Abdul Kader Homoud Al-Qahtani


The aim of this study may be summarized in the following points:

  1. The internal affairs in Oman before Ahmed Bin Said.
  2. The Persian invasion of Oman (1737 – 1741).
  3. Ahmed Bin Said’s life performance and his position since the invasion.
  4. The selection of Ahmed Bin Said as Emam of Oman.
  5. Ahmed Bin Said internal policy.
  6. The commercial activities during Ahmed Bin Said’s period.

Alyaaroba Regime in Oman was able to control the whole country during the period (1624–1744) and it was able to defeat the Portuguese and invaders, drove them out of the Gulf and East Africa in general.

Oman was invaded by Persians during the period (1737–1744), but Ahmed Bin Said, the Suhar State Ruler with the cooperation of his people was able to stop the invasion and to kick the invaders out of the country in 1744.

The Emam Sultan Bin Murshid Al-Yaarobi died and the royal family was divided. This helped Ahmed Bin Said to be selected as a new Emam in 1744. The real reason for this selection was the publicity that Bin Said received after his victory over the Persians. This selection changed the whole royal family in the country. Al-bu Said family became the new royal family, not Al Yaaroba.

Al-Rostaq became the new capital instead of Muscat during Ahmed Ahmed Bin Said period.

Emam Ahmed worked, since he became the ruler of Oman to unite the Omani tribes under his power, and cared about commerce economic affairs and organizing the government affairs for this reason, he issued orders to organize the administration, financial and customs sectors. He gave much attention to the army and navy, but his policy did not stop some opponents who dreamt of power from trying to change his regime, but he was able to defeat them in 1781.

During Emam Ahmed’s period, the economic sector improved very soundly. Muscat port received a lot of attention too and its services were well improved, specially Bandar Abbas Port, which was neglected by European Merchants because of the political situation in Persia at that time.

Some sources estimated government income from customs to exceed one million Robia.

The success of Emam Ahmed enraged the King of Persia, Karim Khan who attempted to invade Oman. But when he failed in getting the support Ottoman ruler of Al-Basrah and East India Company, he changed his mind and invaded Al-Basrah in 1775.

Emam Ahmed Supported the Ottoman authority in Al-Basrah and sent his army to defend Al-Basrah.

As a conclusion we may indicate that Emam Ahmed Bin Said Al-Busaidi, the founder of the first Al Bu Saidi State was able to establish his central government on fine bases depending on law and stability.

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