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Volume :24 Issue : 93 1999      Add To Cart                                                                    Download


Auther : Dr. Essam S. Al-Rubaian


The research examines the development of Public Administration in Kuwait from 1896 to 1979. The investigation addresses four main aspects: the form of three jurisdictions, the government mission, the nature of government services and other relevant public activities. Along with the ecological approach to understand the public administration framework, the political, economic and social factors have been identified as the public conditions when the government had experienced its mission and its services.

The scope of the research seeks to develop an integrated explanation for the Public Administration Developments or trends throughout the study time frame.

The research concludes four main phases of Public Administration in Kuwait:

    • The phase of structuring the political body of the State.
    • The phase of searching for the relevant model.
    • The phase of institutionalizing the State.
    • The phase of the legal/bureaucratic structuring.

The research recommends to review the current structure of Public Administration to be more consistent with the present as well as future ecological demands of Kuwait.

Journal of Law
Journal of Law

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Journal of Law
Journal of Law
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