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ROADS NETWORK OF AL-BATINA REGION IN THE SULTANATE OF OMAN..Geographical Study in Quantitative Analysis.

Auther : Dr. Abdullah H. Al-Tarzi


The goal of this research is to analyze the roads network of Al-Batina Region in the Sultanate of Oman. The research illustrates that the road network has the following facts:

  1. The total length of roads is: 4746 km, 27% of which (1285 km) are constructed, while the rest, 72.1% are not. The constructed roads are concentrated on the sea roads which link between Al-Batina region and Al-Dahira and Al-Dakhilya regions. Thus, the social relationship between them is not active.
  2. The curve indicator, either for the main or the secondary roads is 25% (321 km) more if the roads trend is straight.
  3. There is shortage, or even absence of roads in the mountain wadies, such as Bani Ouf, Al-Sahten, Al-Sarmi and Bani Hini.
  4. The density of roads for population and space varies between Wilayats: Sohar, Suwaiq, Chinas, Al-Musanah, Khaboura and Al-Awadi have more density than Rustaq, Nakil Saham and Al-Maawael.
  5. The indicator correlation degree of roads network is incomplete: it is 83% for Beta correlation, 42% for Gama and 8% only for Alfa.

The researcher recommended for the network to the more active, the following:

  1. Constructing main roads holding the numbers: 9, 8, 10 to link Al-Batina region with Al-Dahira.
  2. Constructing main roads to link Rustaq city with Nizwa and Ibri.
  3. Constructing 1500 km of agricultural roads at least to revive the rural areas in Batina.

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