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Auther : Abdallah Zakaria Al-Ansari


This study is a biography of Saqr Ibn Salim Ibn Shibib, born in 1896 to a poor, Kuwaiti family and blinded at the age of nine. His early education was typical of the period-memorization of the Quran and the reading of available poetry books.

The point of departure in Saqr’s life took place when he went to al-Ihsa’ in Arabia in order to receive higher religious learning. He was confronted by the scholastic and traditional religious figures that dominated the schools of the area. He stayed there for a year and a half, was disappointed, and returned to Kuwait full of passion against that particular type of religious scholars. He died in 1963.

Saqr’s major criticisms against the traditional religious establishment was due to the following reasons:

    1. their opposition to reformism and their relentless campaigns against those who called for reforms;
    2. their opposition to modernization and the social regeneration of the Arab World;
    3. their scholastic interpretation of Islam;
    4. their indulgence in material affairs rather than remaining men of letter and piety; and,
    5. their negligence of people’s demands because of their compromises with the ruling authorities.

Journal of Law
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